Palaces on Ringstrasse

Vienna’s Ringstrasse may be well known as a commercial district but not many people know that palaces also abound in the area. In fact, during the construction of this famous boulevard, several palaces were also built by the royal families and wealthy residents including Jewish families of the Austrian capital. Public buildings also occupy the area along with the 13 magnificent palaces.

Palaces back then were occupied by the royal families together with their servants. In some palaces, however, some areas were rented out. Other palaces had been turned into hotels.

Interestingly, two members of the Hadbsburgs lived in the Ringstrasse in the past. The youngest brother of Kaiser Franz Joseph, Archduke Ludwig Viktor lived in the palace on Schwarzenbergplatz while Archduke Wilhelm had a grand palace built on the Parkring.

Palais Lieben-Auspitz

This palace is the most famous in the Ringstrase. It houses te Cafe Landtmann while it is also the place where Berta Zucherkandl held her literary salon. The salon was frequented by intellectuals and artists.

Built in the late 19th century, the palace was originally built for the Auspitz family in 1872. The Lieben family also lived there later.

Palais Todesco 

In this palace, Baroness Todesco held her court. It is also here where she accommodated some of the most prominent personalities regularly including artists and intellectuals.

Palais Todesco was built for three years from 1861 to 1864 by architect Theophil Hansen. It also became the headquarters of the Austrian People’s Party for a long time from 1947 to 1995.

Palais Ephrussi

This palace by Schottentor is well known for its main role in the bestseller entitled “The Hare with the Amber Eyes.” It was originally built for the Ephrussi family and was designed by Theophil Freiherr von Hansen, the same architect behind the construction of the Austrian Parliament building.

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