Parks in Vienna

Volksgarten, Vienna, Austria

Parks are great places to take a leisurely stroll and unwind. Vienna boasts of several famous parks that even include unique structures and exotic animals. These are the Stadtpark, the Belvedere Park, the Prater and the Schönbrunn Park inside the Imperial Summer Palace.


Le Prater à Vienne - Austria
Prater, Vienna

The Prater, formerly an imperial hunting ground, is Vienna’s main park that features many fun rides for both kids and adults. Opened to the public in 1765, this is the site of the world’s biggest Ferrish wheel called the Reisenrad built in 1897. A mix of the classic and modern rides can be found here such as the ghost trains, the pony carousel, pony rides, the Starflyer as well as some walk-through attractions.


Stadtpark, Vienna
Stadtpark, Vienna

Stadtpark is a public park with a design patterned after the English gardens. Opened in 1862, this is Vienna’s first public park. What you can find here are a Kinderpark for children used as a playground and also for sports activities and a spa pavilion called The Kursalon built between 1865 and 1867. It is in this pavilion where the famous Austrian musician Johan Strauss II performed his first concert in 1868. In honor of Strauss, a gilded bronze monument with a marble relief frame was built inside the park. Several other monuments are in place making the Stadtpark as tops when it comes to having the most number of monuments and sculptures in the city.


Upper Belvedere
Belvedere Park, Vienna

The Belvedere Park is where the Belvedere Palace is situated. This is a huge park with a well trimmed lawn featuring beautiful designs. It is in this park where visitors can get fantastic views over Vienna’s city center. If greenery is what you want, this is the perfect place to go to.


Schönbrunn Park
Schönbrunn Park

The Schönbrunn Park also boasts of a green garden with a maze and labyrinth and a Gloriette which offers visitors a majestic view of the city. The garden here has a French Baroque style as originally designed by Fischer. Some 44 marble sculptures also line the paths on every side of the flower beds.

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