Popular Celebrities and Directors from Vienna

It is without a doubt that many people around the world know about the famous people who come from Vienna such as the famous musicians. But apart from them, the Austrian capital has produced more popular figures through the years including celebrities and film directors. Get to know some of them here. 

Hedy Lamar – Hedy is Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in real life and was an actress who starred in Samson and Delilah. She was born in Vienna to a banker and his wife. The actress had always been fascinated with cinema since she was young and by the time she became a teenager, she dropped out of school and became an actress. 

Bibi Besch – Bibi started out as a supporting actress in television for more than 20 years. She was nominated as best supporting actress in the Emmy Awards twice, the first for “Doing Time on Maple Drive” and the second in Northern Exposure where she had a guest appearance. 

Fritz Lang – Born as  Friedrich Christian Anton Lang, Fritz is the director behind “M.” A writer and producer as well, he earned his degree from the Academy of Graphic Arts in Vienna but not happy with that, he moved to Munich and Paris and instead studied art. 

Fred Zinneman – Fred first wanted to become a violinist at a young age. However, he changed his mind and took up law while enrolled at the University of Vienna. Eventually, the lure of the American film industry was so strong that he decided he wanted to become a director in the end. 

Theodore Bikel – This man starred in “My Fair Lady.” Considered as a versatile and respected actor, he played different types of villain roles and was very good at it. He is known for adding depths and dimension to every character he portrayed. 

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