Popular Sports to Watch in Vienna

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Sports-oriented visitors in Vienna have always something to look forward to while in the Austrian capital. Those eager to watch spectator sports have varied choices available. Whether you’re a family or group of friends, many of these sports in Vienna are easily accessible. 

Horse Racing

Three racetracks are in place in the Austrian capital. Rennbahn Freudenau located at Trapprenbahnplatz is the oldest and most prestigious and therefore, a must-visit place. Established in 1836, the racetrack is open from April to November and features trotting as well as flat racing. The Vienna Derby takes place here normally in the later part of June. 

Another but smaller racetrack is the Rennbahn Krieau just across the Prater fairgrounds. It features trotting races almost every week except during the months of July and August. 

A more modern racetrack is the Magna Racino which opened in 2004. A racetrack and casino complex, it is situated in the suburb of Ebreichsdorf, 30 kilometers in the southern part of Vienna. It was funded by a Canadian billionaire with Austrian roots. Horse races here are scheduled between April and early November. The Austrian Derby takes place here every June. 


Soccer or football as it’s refered to in Europe is also a popualr sport in Vienna. The Austrian capital city has actually two soccer teams – the Rapide-Wien based at the Hannappi Stadion and the Austrian national team based at the Horr Stadion.

The Ernst-Happel-Stadion or the Weiner Stadion, on the other hand, is the largest stadiums available. It is here where major and international soccer matches tate place drawing massive crowds every time. 


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