The Rathaus Splendor

The City Hall of Vienna is a majestic structure that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Built between 1872 and 1883, the building located at the end of the First District features a Gothic style courtesy of architect Friedrich von Schimdt. This famous architect is also responsible for designing various churches and schools in the Austrian capital.

Occupying almost 14,000 square meters, the seat of the city and provincial assembly was built during the reign of Franz Joseph. This official residence of the mayor boasts of a 97.9 meter-high steeple with the statue of medieval knight Rathausmann at the top. The statue is made from iron and was made by Alexander Nehr. 

At the center of the building is the biggest of the even courtyards. It was originally intended to accommodate assemblies but today is the venue for popular summer concerts.

The area surrounding this historical building specifically the Square facing the city hall is a popular site for various free public events each year. These events include the open-air operas, the Life Ball (a charity event participated in by both national and internatioal stars) and film showings as well as the Christmas market and the Vienna Skating Rink.

Those planning to tour the interior of the Rathaus should at least know beforehand the different departments they will find there. These are the Council Chamber, Senate Chamber, Assembly Hall, the two Grand Staircases which lead to the official rooms, Festival Hall, Stone Halls and the Arkadenhof.

The Council Chamber is the most popular of the various sections of the building. It is adorned with a gold leaf on the coffered ceiling and an Art Nouveau candelabra with 260 lamps.

Guided tours are available at this popular tourist attraction.

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