Record Shops for the Music Lovers

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Vienna is known for its classical music, among many other things. Music is an integral part of this Austrian capital and as such, music lovers from around the world visiting the city can find plenty of record shops here depending on their preferred genre.

Bock’s Music Shop is said to be the largest and most complete store of its kind in Vienna. All kinds of music can be found here from the classical to jazz and pop. Situated in the Schonbrunn area, a bit off the city center, it also features second hand records.

Fans of classical music should not miss the EMI Music Store in the inner city. The place offers a comprehensive collection of music and has friendly staff who can help you find what you’re looking for.

The Arcadia Music Store has a wide collection of the classic and latest CDs, DVDs as well as books and photos of popular opera performances. It is situated  next to the Vienna Opera House and is often visited by the likes of Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.

Gramola is also for the classical music lovers. It offers a comprehensive collection although the high price can be a downside. Other shops you can visit are Da Capo Klassik and Da Caruso.

Those looking for the old stuff such as the vinyls, there are second hand music stores you can go to. Disc Point near the Naschmarkt is known for its 70s rock while Moses Records are known for its rock and jazz collection.

Scout Records sells interesting titles with plenty of collectors’ items. The cardboard boxes under the shelves and the special offers in the backroom are worth investigating.

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