Recycling in Vienna the Creative Way

Vienna is one international city that values. This is evident in the green programs implemented by the city government. But other than the public sector, there are also private people and groups such as those who own businesses that are committed to helping preserve the environment.

Unknown to some people, there are designers and manufacturers in Vienna that recycle old materials in the most creative way. Their mission is to make something new out of the old stuff.

TrashDesignManufaktur – This company creates products using electrical waster. As an example, it has made a stool out of an old washing machine drum and a bowl using an old washing machine door. Other creative products it has made are necklaces using mobile phone buttons and keychains from memory chips.

Gabarage – This company has made lamps out of old film strips, a sofa from a garbage bin and earrings from parts of shuttlecocks that have been broken. You can visit Gabarage on Schleifm├╝hlgasse.

Glanz&Gloria – Fashion is also recyclable these days. One shop that creates unique clothing made from waste materials and textile waste is Glanz&Gloria. Some items they feature are jackets and dresses made from umbrellas that date back to the 1960s and coats using army blankets that have been thrown away.

Yppig Eco Fashion Showroom
– This shop uses old men’s clothing (pants and shirts) to create new clothes including dresses and blouses. You can find the showroom on Yppenplatz. 

Kamaeleon – This shop also recycles old and discarded clothing, beddings and tablecloths and create something new such as children’s clothes. Some of their famous donors include the President of Austria and the Mayor of Vienna.

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