Republic of Kugelmugel

One of the lesser known attractions in Vienna that tourists should find time to visit is the Republic of Kugelmugel. Situated in Vienna Prater, this spherical house is a republic of its own. 

This house and republic got its name from German terms kugel which means sphere and mugel which is an Austrian German expression for bump or mogul. 

The man behind this roundhouse design is Austrian artist Edwin Lipburger who built the house in the 1970s. His unique design was based on the principle that spheres are more natural and more liveable spaces compared to a square one. 

The artist severed his ties with Austria in 1984 after facing difficulties regarding building permits. He eventually built his unique house on a hillside in Lower Austria in 1985 to avoid regulations. There, he declared himself as the ruler of imaginary civilians of his so-called micronation.  

Due to his disappointment, Lipburger was said to have refused paying taxes to the Austrian government and even printed his own stamps. Unfortunately, that move led him to prison. The artist was later released from jail owing to a pardon granted by the Austrian president. 

The ball-shaped house was eventually moved to the Prater park and enclosed with barbed wire fence. It uses the address Anti-Fascism Square, District 2.



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