Restaurants in Vienna


Local food is something travelers crave for when they visit new
places or even those they have already visited in the past. Every place
has its own cuisine to offer to tourists and when in Vienna, you have
numerous restaurants to choose from to satisfy your gastronomic needs.
Take your pick from the fine dining restaurants to the budget friendly

Le Ciel – Temporarily closed

 Le ciel Restaurant - – Le ciel Restaurant

This fine dining restaurant was
voted Best Restaurant in the 2005 Cuisine and Travel in Austria.
Located on the 7th floor of Grand Hotel Vienna, this place offers great
Viennese cuisine as well as a fantastic view of the city.

Drei Husaren

Drei Husaren
Drei Husaren

One of the best places to savor scrumptious traditional Austrian
dishes and desserts. This is a fine dining restaurant that opened way
back in 1933 and boasts of an elegant setting.



If you’re looking for a Michelin star restaurant, this is the place
to go. Traditional and modern Austrian cuisine and great wines from
around the world are served here. The place has its own wine cellar
with more than 35,000 bottles of wine in stock.

Korso with the Opera

The Korso restaurant review — WBP Stars
Korso with the Opera

This is another Michelin star restaurant with an elegant ambience
situated inside Hotel Bristol. Award winning chef Reinhard Gerer has
been at the helm of this place for 15 years and continues to surprise
diners with his irresistible food creations.

Osterreicher im MAK

Österreicher im MAK Oesterreicher im MAK Restaurant Gaststätte in Wien
Osterreicher im MAK

(Museum of Applied Arts) This is a designer restaurant which serves
the classic dishes of Vienna prepared in the most delectable manner.
Here you will get to see a giant chandelier in the shape of a wine
bottle created by Lobmeyr, a famous glassware manufacturer in Vienna.

Artner on Franziskanerplatz

Artner on Franziskanerplatz
Artner on Franziskanerplatz

Savor modern Austrian dishes and your favorite wines in an elegant
ambience right here in this place. Situated in a traditional building
very near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the place has a vaulted cellar with
some 10,000 bottles of wine in stock. 

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