Riding the Fiaker

In Vienna, visitors have various options when going around the city. Other than taking the public transportation or renting a car or bike, they can take the fiaker or the horse drawn carriage. And take note, it’s not only one horse that pulls the carriage but two of them which makes a unique attraction in the Austrian capital.

Originally known as Janschky coaches, these carriages are now called fiakers. They were named after the French hackney carriage stand in Rue de Saint Fiacre.

The period between 1860 and 1900 was the start of the fiakers’ popularity. At that time, there were more than carriages in the city with drivers who also performed as singers at certain times.

Riding the fiaker is a unique and relaxing experience. You get to see the sights around the city in an open air carriage whether alone or with the company of a friend or loved one.

Fiaker stands can be found in the different parts of the city such as in Heldenplatz, Albertinaplatz, Burgtheater, Petersplatz and Stephansplatz. You can book a short or long sightseeing tour if you like. Tours are available usually from April until the end of September.

For men planning to bring their partners on a romantic ride on a fiaker, make sure to request the driver for a porcelain ride. This refers to a more steady and calmer drive than usual just like in the olden days when the coaches were used to transport precious porcelain safely without causing any damage to them during the entire journey. 

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