Schoenbrunn Palace Painting Features Young Mozart

Art works of different types abound in Vienna. They’re found in museums, art galleries and even on the streets. 

One elegant place which displays great artworks by Viennese and other international artists is the Schoenbrunn Palace. A former Rococo summer residence with more than 1,400 rooms, it is one of the most important cultural landmarks in Austria and one of Vienna’s most famous attractions.  

One painting here which currently attracts is the work entitled “Wedding Supper of Joseph and Isabella of Parma.” On this piece of art is a small figure seated among the many guests and musicians. And guess who this figure is? It’s none other than the famous Austrian musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

The painting shows the very young Mozart sitting on the edge of the orchestra and is facing the artist who created the painting. He’s only about four years old in this artwork done by Martin van Meytens. 

The good news is that any art lover can now take a peek at this painting especially since it has been included in Google’s virtual museum. The art piece is in a high resolution image and an additional benefit is that viewers can zoom in to the faces of the people sitting there together with Mozart. 

Unknown to many, the young Mozart also performed a duet with his sister in the Mirror Hall (Spiegelsaal) of the Schoenbrunn palace. They performed in front of Maria Theresia.  

If you’re not in Vienna, you can still view this painting. Just check out this site
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