The first landscaped garden in Austria still maintains its proud place near the Vienna Woods as a haven for relaxation and fun outdoor activities. Also called the Black Mountain Park, the 80-hectare park is located in the 17th district of Hernals along the Neuwaldegger road. It was built in the 18th century by Count Franz Moritz Lacy along with a row of luxury chalets on the Hameau. It was originally known as the Lacy Park and was during its time the largest landscape garden in Europe. There was a Chinese pavilion and a “Garden of Eden” along with other landscape garden features. After he died, the estate was transferred to the Schwarzenberg family who renamed the idyllic park. Today the park is owned by the City of Vienna who bought the property in 1958 and is now a public recreational area.

Because the park goes directly to the Vienna Woods, the natural extension lends itself to a variety of fun outdoor activities from hiking, biking, running and many more. There are playgrounds, man-made and natural ponds where families can have their picnics and barbecue. The park also has facilities such as cabins and camp grounds which are busy during the summertime. Those who visit the Schwarzenbergpark can see the classical temple where Count Lacy was buried. There are also the famous and rare graffiti made by artist Josef Kyselak who used to walk around the Vienna Woods and in the park and leave his markings on rock plates and ruins.

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