Segway Tour of Vienna

While in the Austrian, there’s absolutely so many things to do that a day or two of stay is not enough for the new visitors. Tours are of various kinds as well ranging from the walking tour and bike tour to the river tour. 

Those fond of adventure should also not miss the Segway tour. This is done through the use of the two-wheeled Segway vehicle. the first of its kind self-balancing personal transportation designed for use in a any pedestrian environment. There’s no need to pedal while riding this because what you do instead is simply stand on it and balance yourself as you maneuver its handle bar to go to your destinations. 

A great advantage of the Segway is its ability to pass through narrow streets thereby enabling people to discover some hidden gems. It can also be used in areas not passable by the four-wheeled vehicles. Just be prepared for those bumps when you pass through streets with cobblestones. 

This type of guided city tour is strongly recommended to those who don’t have the patience to walk but can manage to drive a two-wheeled vehicle. It can be a group tour or a private one with only you and your guide going around the city. 

Joining a small group for this Segway tour is an exciting way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Vienna. 

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