Shopping in Vienna – Cheap Shopping Places in Vienna Guide

Shopping in Vienna

Shopping in Vienna is definitely one of the favorite activities of people when they’re in this city.

Whether it’s just window shopping or really buying items including souvenir products, tourists will always want to stroll around for local stuff they can bring home to family and friends.

In Vienna, there are several areas worth checking out for your shopping spree.

Man suits

There are plenty of great places to shop in Vienna, from Naschmarkt to MariahilferStrasse. But although it’s great to explore in the fresh air, sometimes you just want somewhere warm and dry to continue scooping up a few bargains or picking up souvenirs.

Without having to traipse across half of the city. Fortunately, although it may not seem like it surrounded by the historical center, Vienna has some convenient shopping centers where you can do just that.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to kill a few hours away from the elements, or if you want to shop ‘til you drop in one convenient location, Vienna has all of the options you could possibly want: luxury, child-friendly, historical, and modern.

Many are only a stone’s throw away from popular tourist spots, and easy to reach by public transport, so you can enjoy them with minimal effort.

Shopping in Vienna at Steffl

Famous shopping street in Vienna

Conveniently located in the first district, near tourist attractions such as St Stephan’s Cathedral and the Vienna State Opera, Steffl is on Kärntner Straße.

This is home to various high-end boutiques and close to the famous Naschmarkt. As it’s so central, access is easy by public transport, whether that’s bus, tram, or via the U-bahn stations Stephansplatz and Karlsplatz.

Steffl is perfect if you’re looking for designer fashion and luxury goods, as it doesn’t do much else. The top floor contains the Sky Bar and Restaurant, which provides stunning views to savour while sipping some cocktails.

You can also find a bust of Mozart on the 7th floor, as the building that used to stand here was where the composer died.

Shopping in Vienna at Gerngross

Gerngross is a much less popular shopping location, outshone by the surrounding Mariahilferstrasse in the 6th district.

It’s much smaller than other Viennese shopping centers, although it still fits a supermarket and several cafes and restaurants alongside the traditional outlets.

Gerngross still provides a pleasant space to escape the weather, though.

Shopping in Vienna at Wien Mitte The Mall

Stairs at Vienna shopping center

This shopping mall Vienna is said to be the most modern shopping center in central Vienna. And is located above the train station of the same name, where two subway lines and the City Airport Train (CAT) meet, amongst others.

It’s also a short walk from Stephansplatz, and there are 470 parking spaces. Visitors usually say that it’s quite a modest size, with around 60 shops. It’s large enough to be a convenient place to kill some time shopping in Vienna or eating while waiting for a train.

Danube Vienna Shopping Center

Donauzentrum shopping mall Vienna – Opened in 1975 in the 22nd district, this center is maybe the largest Vienna shopping center and most attractive shopping center where you can find almost anything you need.

Right here are 20 restaurants, cafes, and small to-go stalls. It’s very easily reached by public transport. The nearest U-bahn station is Kagran, which is just 7 stops (12 minutes) from Stephansplatz.

If you have a car, there are 3,000 parking spaces to choose from, which are free for the first three hours. Avoid the weekends if you don’t like crowds, plus on weekdays Donauzentrum closes later, at 8 pm.

Known as DZ for short, there’s a wide range of over 260 stores here, from health and beauty to fashion. Also, if you’re looking for toy shop Vienna Donauzentrum will provide you huge selection of toys for kids.

Department stores, restaurants, and a supermarket mean that you can easily spend several hours, if not a whole day, exploring.

Children will enjoy the play area complete with a tall climbing wall, and the Donau Plex annex is great for general entertainment; the whole complex has WiFi, too.

Danube Vienna Shopping Center opening time

Monday – Friday9:00 – 20:00
Saturday9:00 – 18:00

Ringstrassen Galerien – Shopping Mall Vienna

Shops in shopping mall

This shopping mall in Vienna features two buildings joined by a glass bridge.

Some 59 shops and eight restaurants are in place including the high-end Prada, Rolex, Hugo Boss, and John Paul Gaultier.

Also located in the first district, Ringstrassen Gallerien has the unique architectural characteristic of being two buildings connected by a glass bridge.

These two buildings are:

  • Palais Corso
  • Kärntnerringhof

The former is a historic monument dating back to the 19th century, and worth seeing in its own right. Highlights include the toy shop Vienna and the chocolatier, as well as various high-end fashion brands.

Every other Sunday Ringstrassen Gallerien also hosts an antique flea market. The nearest U-Bahn station is Karlsplatz, and there’s underground parking available.

Shopping City Süd & Vienna Shopping Center Nord

The final two shopping centers on this list are less centrally located. This means that although they’re larger and open later, they’re less convenient to reach without a car and much busier at the weekends.

As the names suggest, they can be found to the south and to the north of the city center. The first, known as SCS for short, is one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe. It contains around 330 shops and megastores.

SCN, as it’s known, is home to fewer individual shops, but contains an entertainment complex with a cinema and paintball. The surrounding area also has various furniture and hardware stores.

It’s been said that some 25 million go to this shopping mall every year so what are you waiting for?

Millennium City & Shopping Mall Vienna

Built in 1999, this is Vienna’s very first city in a city complex. Its popularity stems from its unique lifestyle and entertainment ambience.

You can find here various shopping, entertainment, dining and wellness shops all in one area.

Shopping in Vienna Streets

Vienna city center

Vienna is one international city that boasts of well preserved historical buildings that house different types of business establishments today from shops in Vienna and boutiques to banks and even hotels.

If you’re planning to visit the Austrian capital soon and would like to shop around, you need to get to know the streets where Vienna shops and department stores are situated.

Shopping in Vienna at Mariahilfer Strasse

Situated between the city center and Westbahnhof, this more than one-mile stretch features hundreds of Vienna shops selling jewelry, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics. Also, there is fashionable clothing including international chains.

Here you will find:

  • film shops
  • video and computer shops
  • dining places
  • snack bars
  • cinemas

Kärntner Strasse, Graben and Kohlmarkt

Upscale shops selling jewelry items and designer clothes abound in this pedestrian area just around the St. Stephen’s Church. This is the main shopping street Vienna if you’re a book lover. You should visit Kohlmarkt as this is the place where you can find great books, maps, and guides of all kinds including photographic books.

At the Kärntner Strasse, you will find small shops selling locally made products such as porcelain ceramics, dolls, flowers, shoes and cosmetics.

Gul gasse 

Souvenir shop

This is where you can find the city’s most attractive malls and deparment stores housed in the famous Gasometer. The unique Gasometer features four gas towers which date back to the 20th century and which were converted into an art and shopping centre. The adjacent wing has been turned into an apartment building.

By its name alone (Gasometer), this place consists of four gasometers or former gas storage tanks built 112 years ago and which were turned into a shopping complex. Situated in Simmering, the complex was constructed in 1896 to 1899.

Today, it is known as a city within a city as it has become a real community where housing, office spaces and shops are in place. The shops and entertainment areas (movie theater and music hall) are located on the ground floor.

The offices on the second floor and some 800 apartments on the third floor. Although the four Gasometers are separate from each other, the shopping malls on the ground floors are connected through sky bridges. They were remodeled in 1999 and were opened to the public in October 2001.

Also housed in the towers are offices and residential spaces. In addition, there’s a cinema and 14 dining areas including cafes in place to provide a place for relaxation after shopping in Vienna.

Mariahilferstrasse – Vienna Shopping Street

This is considered the most popular Vienna shopping street. And the longest retail street in Vienna featuring almost all major department stores selling all kinds of items.

The main shopping street Vienna with items from clothes, accessories, and leather goods to books and furniture.

Some popular brands you can find here are:

  • Yves Rocher
  • Nike
  • Swarovski

One of the grandest shopping centres called Generali Centre is situated just at the back of the Neubaugasse U-Bahn station. With two levels, the Generali Centre houses 30 stores.

Landstraßer Hauptstraße – Vienna Shopping Street

Landstraßer Hauptstraße together with Kärntner Strasse are situated in the 3rd District. Considered to be the city’s second-largest Vienna shopping street. Reconstructed in the mid-80s, the area has wide sidewalks lined with trees and a great number of small Vienna shops.

The Rochus Market located on the street offers fresh food and a relaxing environment.

Souvenir Shopping in Vienna

Showcase in shopping mall

Any holiday in Vienna should include a little shopping for great souvenir items.

There’s plenty to choose from such as porcelain, silver, Swarovski, and jewelry to headwear and creatively designed recycled products.

Porcelain by Mano Design – Souvenir Shop Vienna

Women who love collecting genuine porcelain items should not miss this shop. Located in a small studio, this shop creates beautiful vases and lamps.

Hedwig Rotter is the woman behind the lovely handcrafted porcelain items that are very functional.

Mühlbauer Headwear – Souvenir Shop Vienna

For some uniquely designed and handcrafted headwear, visit Muhlbauer.

A popular name in the hat fashion industry, Muhlbauer has been in business since 1903 creating hats of all kinds worn by trendsetters from around the globe.

Silver Factory

Established in 1822, this boutique located in the city center offers silver pieces including jewelry, kitchen ware and home decors in classic and modern designs.

It originated from one of Austria’s oldest handicraft businesses and is now managed by a new owner who has decided to carry on the tradition.

Swarovski Megastore

Those who fancy Swarovski crystals should drop by this shop which has been on Karntner StraBe in Vienna since 2009.

The megastore covers three floors and sells not only jewelry but as well as accessories, figurines, interior decors, and optics.


Visitors looking for unique eco-friendly items can check out this shop.

Here, you’ll find electrical wastes and other devices that were thrown away but were recycled into something very creative and useful.

Grocery Shopping in Vienna Tips

Grocery shopping with family

When visiting a new city, sometimes its best to cook and prepare your own food to save money which you can use for exploring other areas. While it’s okay to dine out at restaurants, you can always practice your cooking skills. And you can experiment on that city’s unique cuisine.

If you’re grocery shopping in Vienna and other parts of Austria, here are some things you should remember. Every Vienna shopping center has its own rules. Here’s some…

Grocery Carts With Coins

Before you get a grocery cart, make sure you have one or two Euro coins on hand. You need this to be able to get a grocery cart.

This is because all carts are normally chained together and one can be released only with a coin. Don’t worry, though, because your coins will be given back to you when you return the cart in its proper place.

Grocery Bags

Being an eco-friendly city, Vienna requires shoppers to bring along their own bag when buying at grocery shops or supermarkets.

Any kind of bag will do from backpacks and linen bags to a wicker shopping basket. Otherwise, you will need to pay a small fee for a plastic or linen bag at the check-out counter.

Do It Yourself

Store clerks are not responsible for packing your items in the grocery bag therefore, you should do it yourself quickly. You should find a designated packing area. It’s usually behind the cashiers where you can organize your purchased items.

When buying fruits or vegetables, you also have to weigh them yourself and print out a price tag to stick on them. Scales are available at the produce section and items have specific codes so check the sign first to press the right button.

Hidden Shopping Gems in Vienna

Of course, there are the popular areas of Mariahilferstrasse, Naschmarkt, Kohlmarkt, and Graben. These shopping havens are part of almost every tour in Vienna. But if you want to go beyond the usual and discover where the locals go to for the unique, trendy and hip shops then check out these places.


Situated close to Naschmarkt in Wieden, the city’s 4th district is the lively street of Shleifmulgasse where a happy assortment of shops offering everything from food to fashion to furniture.

Those who are into sparkling wine and champagne can head to Perlage or Szigeti-Sektcomptoir.

If you’re in the hunt for vintage furniture, there are the vintage shops Vienna:

  • Gabarage
  • Rauminhalt

And for lovers and buyers of flora check out Bllumenkraft and Botanicus.

Coffee beans

There are also small coffee shops and restaurants around for when you need to take a break from all that browsing.


If you find yourself in Neubau and are thinking of going to Mariahilferstrasse, make a small detour to Zollergasse. You won’t regret it. The narrow street is a fashion alley. Lots of small shops that sell one-offs from local and international designers.

Browse through shops like The Hot Dogs that sells street graffiti T-shirts and Wood Wood with its hip urban clothing pieces. In keeping with the street flair, there are organic coffeeshops and restaurants like Bizzo and Naturkost St. Josef.


Still in Neubau is the mini Vienna shopping street of Kirchengasse with its mixture of colorful shoes and fashion labels for the young and old. There is even a small art gallery The Galerie Zeitvertrieb which exhibits works by local young artists.

Shopping in Vienna – the Trendy 7th District

Woman enjoys shopping in Vienna

If New York City has Soho, Vienna has Neubau – the up and coming trendy Vienna shopping center where creative young designers in the city are setting up shop and making waves in the fashion industry.

Forget international brands for now. Just a little off from the famous shopping street in Vienna (Mariahilferstrasse) is the narrow street of Lindengasse. A mile-long of small shops that hold an impressive variety of fashion, design, and accessories from local Viennese artists and independent designers.

Quirky, offbeat, trendy and fun describe the fair-trade finds that shoppers will see here. What’s also good about the items is that most of them are one-off pieces or made in very few quantities that you can almost be sure of owning a piece that is not mass-produced.

Moreover, these shops (which have organized themselves into a fashion organization called “7tm”) from time to time hold activities that include art exhibitions, fashion shows, and of course offer discounts.

There are also guided tours offered to visitors who are not familiar with the area.

Examples of the Vienna Shops

Some fine examples of the shops that you can see here are the following:

  • Lena Hoscheck – a vintage shop Vienna that specializes in vintage, frilly and floral dresses
  • City Biker – a haven for bike lovers
  • Elke Freytag – a young fashion designer who’s making a name for herself with her elegant and chic collections
  • Sitzflache – which has an impressive showroom of unique seating furniture
  • Tart’a’tata – a French eatery and coffeehouse that serves delightful patisserie creations using organic ingredients
  • Dancing Shiva which produces items from 100% Khadi cotton spun and woven in Indian village communities

Where to Shop for Your Kind of Music

As the music capital of the world, Vienna naturally offers a wide range of music shops in Vienna where locals and tourists can buy their preferred sounds.

Music fans can choose between the specialized stores and those that offer all kinds of genre or the so-called one-stop shops.

The best areas to go to for music shopping are the 5th to 7th districts.

There, you can shop for the classic to the latest sounds:

  • Record Shack – Situated in the 5th district (Margareten), this store is recommended for collectors looking for old musical collections.
  • Teuchtler – This is a record antique shop in the 6th district offering second-hand recordings. You may just find the very old musical treasures here.
  • Moses Records – This is the shop to go to if you’re on a hunt for collectibles including singles, axis, and LPs (long playing albums).
  • Rave Up Records – If you’re looking for rock, electronic music, reggae/dancehall/dub, and experimental/avantgarde music, check out this place. It sells both vinyl and CDs.
  • Market – Located in the 7th district (Vienna-Neubau), this shop has well-stocked vinyls covering techno, disco, and house music.
  • Substance Recordstore – You can find not only vinyls but also CDs, DVDs, books, and even band shirts here.

Vienna Welcomes Luxurious Brands

Souvenir and luxurious shops in Vienna

An international city like Vienna is always home to elegant and luxurious brands. And while this is already the tradition in the Austrian capital, more high end brands are coming in to invest in the city.

Six new five-star hotels and flagship stores of top fashion brands have just set up shop in the city.

Some of these brands include:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Emporio Armani
  • Prada

It used to be that only the Kohlmarkt was the luxury shopping area in the city hosting high end fashion brand shops. Now, a new district called Golden Quarter has emerged featuring a 3-storey Louis Vuitton shop as well as those of Mulberry and Roberto Cavalli. Yves Saint Laurent will soon open a shop there as well.

As for hotels, three five-star establishments that includes Ritz Carlton and Kempinski have opened in Vienna in the past nine months. Next year, three more are coming in and they include a Four Seasons and a Park Hyatt.

These developments are said to be warmly welcomed by tourists from Russia, Asia, and the Arab countries (UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) visiting Vienna.

In fact, they’re partly responsible for the increase in the big spending tourists in the Austrian capital. These shoppers are said to be brand conscious. And they’re happy to find most top fashion brands in the city without having to go anywhere else.

The Thai visitors are the biggest spenders in Vienna followed by the Chinese who spend an average of $833 per day. These tourists including the Arab families are often seen bringing large Channel and Gucci shopping bags.

High End Jewelry Vienna Shops at Kohlmarkt

Vienna shopping mall

Tourists in Vienna looking for luxurious items must visit the Kohlmarkt. It is part of the prestigious shopping strip known as the Golden U which starts from the Hofburg Palace up to the Karntner Strasse.

Kohlmarkt is here where the city’s traditional jewelers international brands can be found:

  • Wagner
  • Bucherer
  • Schullin

The Dorotheum auction house

Those in search of rare jewelry pieces should not miss the Dorotheum auction house, considered the world’s most venerable auction house. This 300-year-old auction house features rare jewelry pieces such as those from the art deco to the modern age period.


Wagner, situated on the corner of Graben and Tuchlauben, is Austria’s biggest shop selling high-end jewelry.

The Bucherer shop

The Bucherer shop, meanwhile, offers top quality watches and jewelry brands including Rolex, Gucci and Patek Philippe. It has an in-house goldsmith studio that crafts wedding rings, necklaces and earrings and repair watches and jewelry pieces as well.


Skrein in Spiegelgasse is the first goldsmith in Austria and creates its pieces using fair trade gold. By fair trade gold, it means that the jewelry shop uses only recycled gold, ecological gold mined without any chemical content and those obtained from fair trade certified gold mines.

Vienna’s New Fashion District – The Golden Quarter

A woman is holding bag while shopping

Tourists visiting the Austrian capital and local residents who love to shop for luxury clothing and accessories have another place to explore. Called the Golden Quarter, this new and small pedestrian shopping area is completed in 2014.

This fashion district is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage area specifically between St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the stock exchange. Historic buildings are in place here including the Hochholzerhof structure in the Tuchlauben area.

A 1900 historic building in the central square has already been occupied by Louis Vuitton and Emporio Armani. Miu Miu is also in the area as well as other international brand names such as Prada, Saint Laurent, Brioni, and Roberto Cavalli. Expected to rise here are Park Hyatt hotel, luxury apartments, and other high-end shops.

This new fashion area is in the seventh district where small stores can be found behind the famous shopping street in Vienna. It is here where textiles, silk, and embroidery were produced in the past and is now being revived to feature the more contemporary art, craft, and fashion.

Leading the promotion efforts of this new fashion district and the shops in the area is the 7tm company. Founded by Ms. Denk in 2007, the company represents more than 50 stores.

The Golden Quarter opening hours

Monday – Friday10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Vienna visitors who love to shop for unique items and clothing should find time to check out the seventh district. While many shops here also run their business online, it is a different experience to be able to personally drop by the shops and see their products.

The names of the shops (Madame with a Mission, Faux Fox) alone can already spark one’s interest in visiting them.

Exploring the Vintage Shops Vienna

Women shopping time

Things that are brand new may be great and beautiful but the second hand ones are not to be taken for granted. When in Vienna, there’s always an opportunity to experience the traditional, the past and the vintage. You should try visiting second hand shop Vienna if you’re looking for affordable prices.

Big fans of vintage clothing, accessories and other items will surely not get enough when they go shopping in the Austrian capital city. Stylish clothes from the roaring 20s to the 1980s can be had at second-hand shops around the city at very affordable prices.

Vintage Flo

Based on its name alone, you can be sure to find plenty of old stuff in this shop particularly some 5,000 clothing pieces. Some examples are the art nouveau and Charleston dresses as well designer clothings circa 1980s. You can find this shop in Freihausviertel.

De Ja Vu – Second Hand Shop Vienna

As its name suggests, this place will allow you to visit the past through the selected second-hand goods it sells. Items you can find here are fashion clothing, shoes and bags. Brand names available here some of which were worn only one time include Chanel, Akris and Prada.

Bocca Lupo

Branded clothing from Chanel, Gucci, and Hermes are just some of the items you will discover in this shop. Shoe collectors can also get quality footwear here such as those by Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutain.


For furniture and living accessories, Carla which means Caritas Laden is the place to go to. Covering more than 8,000 square meters of floor area, the shop offers a large selection of textiles, designer pieces, and casual clothes.

What’s remarkable about Carla is that every amount spent here is given to charity. Definitely a great place to buy while contributing to a good cause.

Flea Markets in Vienna

Second hand shops

Shopping in Vienna on a budget? Looking for cheap shopping places in Vienna?

When you’re in Vienna you can always score good buys and finds without putting a strain on your wallet. If you have the time to browse through hundreds of wares and items (and as long as you know what you’re looking for), chances are you’ll have a fun time hunting around the many flea and local markets in Vienna.

The Viennese love to haggle and there are plenty of places where they get to practice this fun sport. Aside from the popular Naschmarkt, Brunnenmarkt and Yppenmarkt, the city is practically littered with more of these shopping havens.

Here’s a few more to add to your list of must-visit destinations if you’re interested in cheap shopping in Vienna.


Budget shoppers should go to this flea market which is open every Saturday morning.

The Naschmarkt situated next door features various delicacies.

Alt Wiener Flohmarkt

Tucked in Kettenbruckengasse near the Naschmarkt is another popular flea market lined with stall upon stall of goods and wares.

There are antiques of all kinds from all over Europe:

  • records
  • clothes
  • carpets
  • watches
  • ornaments

And they’re all just piled up on the street waiting for the right buyers.

Antiquitatenmarkt Am Hof

Buyers and those interested in antique books, prints, artwork, and sheet music head to this open-air market in Mariensaule. The market takes place from March to December.


For fresh farmers’ produce, flowers, and artisanal cheeses, there’s the Rochusmarkt between Landstrasser Hauptstrasse and Rasumofskygasse.

The market is open from the early hours of 6:00 am and on weekends the food stands are open until 11:00 pm.

Temporarer Markt Freyung

If you’re looking for organic meats and vegetables then this flea market in Freyung is where you want to go. The stalls are open from Tuesday till Thursday and only from May until November every year.

Freihausviertel is Vienna’s Hidden Gem

Vintage shops

Old meets new – that’s Vienna’s charm. This is true for shopping in Vienna too, as the Austrian capital is a hot spot for real vintage items.

You might discover some in the Freihausviertel in the city’s fourth district. A residential area where cafes, shops and galleries exist, this place used to be a poor man’s land.

The majority of this district was filled with boarding houses until the middle of the 1990s. Business, however, started to thrive after the opening of two galleries in 1998.

One of the vintage shops Vienna worth checking out there is Flo in Schleifmühlgasse. Owned by a former costume designer who worked for film, the shop has been in business since 1978. Being a designer was a great benefit for the owner, Ingrid Raab as she was able to store genuine vintage items and not the second-hand stuff that people are used to seeing and buying at flea markets.

Among the treasures that can be found in the Flo shop are original pieces dating back to 1880 until 1890. For the antique fans who might be interested, you will be surprised to know that the shop still has Jantzen swimsuits, an Armani power jacket or an Azzedine Alaia bandage dress.

Additional items include attractive flapper dresses of the 1920s that are embroidered and beaded, Charleston dresses with pearls and rhinestones, YSL of the 1950s, shoes, hats, jewelry, and handbags.

Those particular about designer brands are in for a great treasure hunt here. Shopping is made easy as all items are arranged in alphabetical order based on the names of designers.

Celebrity Designers

Several celebrity designers have actually been here such as:

  • Helmut Lang
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Stella McCartney

You have to know, though, that these items are not cheap because being designer wear, they command a price. So you need to prepare a budget. Prices range from 300 Euros to as much as a thousand to 3,000 Euros.

So if you would like to veer away from the usual routes in Vienna, make sure you take a trip to the Freihausviertel.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Shopping in Vienna

Where to go shopping in Vienna?

Donauzentrum has a wide range of stores from health and beauty to fashion. It’s very easily reached by public transport. If you’re interested in the high-end Prada, Rolex, Hugo Boss visit Ringstrassen Galerien shopping mall. There are shopping streets and flee markets where you can find cheap shopping places in Vienna.

Is shopping in Vienna expensive?

Yes if you choose to visit shopping malls with Prada, Hugo Boss products. However, if you choose Flea Markets in Vienna you’re going to save some money for sure.

How to get to the SCS shopping center in Vienna?

You can go by car, by using a Shuttle bus or you can use Vienna public transport.

Are shops open on Sunday in Vienna?

Most of the shops and malls are closed. However, lots of bars, restaurants, and stores are open.

What time do shops close in Vienna?

For example, The Golden Quarter is closed at 7 pm and Donauzentrum is closed at 20:00 on workdays. On Saturday they close an hour or 2 hours earlier.

Where to shop cheap in Vienna?

You can find cheap shopping places in Vienna at flee markets such as: Alt Wiener Flohmarkt, Antiquitatenmarkt Am Hof and Rochusmarkt.

Where to shop in Vienna Austria?

You can choose from luxurious shopping places like Golden Quarter or you can visit cheaper flee markets such as Rochusmarkt. There are also numerous shops, malls, and stores that have affordable products.

Are shops open in Vienna on new year's day?

Well, there will be big stores and some shops are open until 8 pm or 9 pm.

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