Vienna Princess Sisi Museum Opening Hours & Additional Info

Sisi Museum in Vienna

Today, people who are interested to know more about the private life of the Sisi (enigmatic royal beauty) can visit the Sisi Museum in Hofburg.

The Empress Elisabeth of Austria, or Sisi as she is fondly called by her family and friends, is a beloved historical and cultural icon. Her colorful life has been the subject of many literary works. From a musical, a ballet piece, music, a movie to a made-for-TV-series.

The Sisi Museum is situated right inside the Imperial Apartments of the Imperial Palace. The Sisi museum showcases a treasure trove of Sisi’s personal possessions. Also, there are portraits that follow her life from her youth to her death.

The Life of Vienna princess Sissi Museum

The museum itself has six galleries or rooms.

These are designed like dramatic tableaus for certain periods in Sisi’s life and which focus on important facets of the empress such as:

  • her time in Bavaria
  • her obsessive beauty rituals
  • her interest in poetry and painting
  • and even her untimely and tragic assassination in Geneva.

Visitors will find more than 300 items on display.

The exquisite gowns which she wore at significant functions such as:

  • her wedding and her coronation
  • personal items like gloves, beauty and medical paraphernalia, jewelry
  • a replica of the imperial saloon car which she rode in
  • her portraits (it was said that she only allowed herself to be photographed and painted only until the age of 42)
  • and the paintings which she herself made.

In 2012, on the occasion of her 175th birthday, the Sisi Museum featured special exhibits. These showed more intimate details of her life such as the stories of her four children and her ancestry.

Sisi Vienna museum details

Sisi Museum

Royalty and elegance – that’s what Vienna stands for. In the past, many of Vienna’s royal families have become famous owing to their great achievements and their unique characters. 

Sisi was not only a real beauty but also became known for her rebellion against the court ceremony. Unknown to some of you, the Empress had an obsession for beauty in her younger years.

She was then committed to staying slim and was athletic as well. Her life from being a young girl in Bavaria up to her engagement with the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. And to her untimely death in 1898 is showcased in the exhibit at the Sisi Museum. 

Visitors will also get to see the harp she used during her childhood and a reconstructed child’s dress. For the elegant and more valuable items, the museum situated at the Imperial Apartments exhibits her six-piece mourning jewelry made from onyz and jet. She wore these after the death of her son Crown Prince Rudolph. There’s also her black coat with egret which was used to cover her after being assassinated on Lake Geneva. 

To those who want to get to know Empress Elisabeth more, visiting the Sisi Museum is the best thing to do while in Vienna.

The museum is in the first district of Hofburg and a Sisi ticket entitles one for a grand tour that covers:

  • the Schonbrunn Palace
  • the Imperial Apartments
  • the Sisi Museum
  • the Silver Collection
  • the Imperial Furniture depot
  • and the Vienna Furniture Museum

Sisi Museum Opening Hours

The ticket officecloses at 4.00 pm
The visit of the Silver Collectionpossible until 4.30 pm
The visit of the Sisi Museumpossible until 4.45 pm

Sisi Vienna Museum Tickets

CategoryAdmission with audio guideAdmission with guided tourSisi Ticket
Adults€ 15€ 18€ 36
Children € 9€ 10,50€ 23
Students € 14€ 17€ 33
Disabled persons€ 14€17€ 33
Vienna City Card€ 14€ 17€ 33
School groups€ 7€ 8,50€ 16,5
Familyticket € 75

Sisi Museum Marked 10th Anniversary in 2014

Vienna horseman sculpture

In commemoration of its 10th year, the Sisi Museum in Vienna was holding a special exhibition entitled “Silk – Lace – Ermine.” It was scheduled to open on April 24th until December 24th in 2014. 

Being held in two rooms, it showcased for the very first time the clothes worn by Empress Elisabeth also known as Sisi. Among the clothes to be included in the exhibited for this special occasion were an ermine ensemble, two dresses, a bathing robe, and various accessories. 

More than 300 items were on display here. Ranging from parasols and gloves to Sisi’s beauty recipes, reconstruction of the evening dress she wore when she turned 16 in 1854. And a replica of her imperial railway carriage. 

Through the years, more items were added to the collection. In 2006, some 240 items including Empress Elisabeth’s traveling medical chest, christening robes, milk tooth, and games case. In 2009, the collection welcomed more items such as Sisi’s Hungarian coronation dress, her mourning jewelry, and the swing she used when she was young.
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