Small Yet Must-Visit Establishments in Vienna

Vienna may have quite a number of huge structures including churches, castles, opera houses and hotels but it also has tiny spaces around the city worth visiting. These places may have limited space but they can create beautiful memories for people who wish to spend quality and quiet times with their loved ones. 

The American Bar

Also called Loos Bar, this American Bar was designed by Viennese architect Adolf Loos. Loos is among the architects of Vienna focusing on modernist architecture. His works mostly feature small-scale interiors including the Loos Bar established in 1908.    

Interestingly, the bar only measures 13 feet by 20 feet but each detail was carefully designed using the specific properties of every material.                                                  

Rudi’s Beisl

This is a tiny and old fashioned restaurant that features the classics. Here, guests can order the pan-fried steak called zwiebelrostbraten. This dish is topped with lots of fried onions. 

Those who love the classic Viennese cuisine without any modernizations should not miss going to this place. 

Das Tyrol Hotel

This is a friendly and affordable hotel that’s often fully booked. Originally built some 175 years ago as a convent, the building was converted into a small boutique hotel in 1999. This was after Helena von Ramsbacher of the Austrian Parliament bought the property and had it restored. 

Despite being called a small hotel, the establishment features high ceilings, contemporary furnishings, a collection of contemporary art and a winding central staircase. 


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