Space Theme for the Train Toilets

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Austria is pioneering the themed toilet not in its hotels or restaurants, though, but in its trains. Yes, the national railway line OeBB is now doing a campaign to launch themed toilets that will looks and smell like you’re in outer space. 

The idea behind this futuristic toilet is to give people an opportunity to feel that they are in a spaceship. This is part of OeBB’s project to give its 250 commuter trains a new twist. Other trains will have specific wall themes as well such as the ocean, mountain and lemon tree and the perk here is all will have a fragrance associated with their specific environment.  

By yearend, it  is expected that some 12 trains will have the updated toilet theme. By the end of 2016, all the total 250 trains will have undergone a facelift with new scented toilets. The national railway line is committed to making all of its train toilets fully functional. 

Interestingly, the OeBB revealed that a train toilet is flushed some 60,000 times per day. This is equivalent to 1.8 million flushes in a month. 

The railway line offers first and second class coaches with various special compartments. They have play areas for kids, baby compartments, ladies’ compartments, relaxation areas and nursing commpartments. 



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