How to Spend an Unforgettable Weekend in Vienna

weekend in vienna

When you’re spending a weekend in Vienna, there is a lot to do in little time. Organizing your time and planning can seem overwhelming, and that’s why we have identified some of the best things to do in Vienna for a weekend.

Friday Afternoon:

Happy hour at Strandbar Herrmann. It’s the best place to start your weekend, with a drink in your hand and the feeling of sand under your feet. Right next to the Danube canal, this is a fun place to relax after work, or think about what to do for the weekend. Nonetheless, you’ll find a nice atmosphere and great drinks.

After a relaxing drink, it’s time for a walk by Schleifmühlgasse. Stop by some of the local galleries and check out the local artists. Take an afternoon stroll in the famous Albertina and admire the Picassos and Monets. You can also stop by the Secession and check out the Art Noveau. All and all, the galleries aren’t too big, but they are a great must-see for art lovers. Even if you don’t love art, a walk in this neighborhood is a great experience when in Vienna.

Friday Night:

Vienna is a great place for upscale dining, classic Viennese foods or a mix from all over the world. For Friday night, try Gastwirtschaft Steman for delicious Austrian fare and friendly service. The plates are generous and not too pricey, try the Beef Goulash or the Schnitzel.

If you still have energy after that delicious meal and you want to try out a Friday night out, it’s time to head out to The Flex. This famous underground club has great music for all tastes and gives you a good look at what Vienna’s party scene looks like. However, the music varies from day to day, so if you happen to catch it on a day unlike your taste, there a few options nearby and you will always see people having drinks near the Danube, so join them for a late night cocktail.

Saturday Morning:

Take advantage of this weekend morning with delicious coffee. If you can walk over to Café Leopold. It’s been a local famous for years, and in the morning it is a perfect place for a good cup of coffee and breakfast. Located in the Museumsquartier, you can sit in the inner court on a sunny morning and energize for a great day ahead.

After a nice and filling Austrian breakfast you are ready for adventures. Nothing better than heading off to one of the best flea markets in Austria and possibly Europe. Located at the Kettenbrückengasse U-Bahn station, the market is full of delicacies from all over as well as nice gifts you may want to take home. After some shopping, you can take a walk to the Otto Wagner Houses nearby- always worth a look with their lovely vines and flowers.

Saturday Afternoon:

Now that you have seen a very crowded and fun sight of Vienna, you can relax and take a nice stroll in the Stadtpark. This large and beautiful park that extends from the Ringstraße in the Innere Stadt (first district) up to the Heumarkt (Hay Market) in the Landstraße (third district).Unlike other parks, it is always fun to come here and admire the statues of famous Viennese artists, writers,and composers such as Johann Strauss II, and Franz Schubert. Your sunny day here will be a relaxing adventure and makes for great photo spots.

After a walk you might start to get hungry. Head over to have another great experience at Corbaci in the Museumsquartier. This cafe has a vaulted tile ceiling that catches your eye, and while you enjoy the atmosphere, grab a cold drink and eat some of the innovative Austrian food. This is also a great place to find a large range of vegetarian and vegan options. You might want to walk around the museums once you’re done, Corbaci will certainly inspire you for more art and beauty.

Saturday Night:

Once you’re done admiring inside beauty, take a chance to enjoy some outside air and the best view in Vienna. Located near the Praterstern U-Bahn station, the Wiener Riesenrad, or Ferris Wheel, dates back to the 19th century, but it is very much one of Vienna’s best wonders still. A full circle on this wooden wheel built by British engineer Walter Basset takes around 20 minutes.

After taking in the view of Vienna, it is time for a nice light dinner and some drinks. Head over to Motto Am Fluss in the city center’s 1st district. This stylish restaurant is open until late hours, but their dishes are worth staying for. Try the beef tartar with mushroom sauce, or  maybe the spinach ravioli with creamy butternut sauce. The restaurant overlooks the Danube, and with its 1950s interior, globe mirror lamps, and dark timber tables, it will take you back to another era and make your evening even more Viennese than ever.  When you’re done with your meal, head over to the bar for a Red Martini or an Absolutely Fabulous, which is just that, fabulous.

Sunday Morning:

The weekend is coming to an end and you have to make a must-see stop before it’s over. Go to Café Mozart, where great figures like Graham Greene spend endless hours working and sipping coffee. Enjoy the crystal chandeliers and great service while having some delicious Mozart brioche and coffee.

When you finish your breakfast, you might as well head over to the Opera. The Vienna State Opera is an amazing monument to the arts, and it’s definitely worth taking an inside look with the tours offered daily. If you have some more time in Vienna, try and make it to a show. Some of the best concerts in Europe are here and a regular show will take you back to the 18th century Mozart era.

Sunday Afternoon:

Walk around a little after the tour at the Opera and then head over for lunch. You can check out Amerlingbeisl and perhaps grab a table in the inner courtyard. Enjoy some of the favorites, like fish with pumpkin sauce, or the chicken schnitzel, or perhaps you would like to enjoy a second breakfast, which is a large buffet table served until 3pm on Sundays.

No better way to get to see this city than riding your own bike. Have an amazing experience riding the over 1000 kilometers of bike lanes. It is easy to rent your own bike and grab a map, or just stride around enjoying the view. You can rent a bike at Citybike, where you can register online for €1, or go to one of the 61 docking stations and use a credit card. If it’s a sunny day, ride along the Danube and head over to the outskirts of the city.

Sunday Night:

Before heading out to dinner you may want to make a pit stop at Mozart’s only remaining house in Vienna. The Figarohaus, named after his piece The Marriage of Figaro that was written here, is open from 10am to 7pm daily and it offers a look at Mozart’s most prosperous and happy years in the city. You will be able to see music notes, letters, and paintings of the time.

One last dinner in Vienna. You must head over to Café Sacher and try the famous Sachertorte before leaving the city. Even if you’re not a chocolate lover, you will definitely be in for a treat with their savory Sacher Würstl- sausage served with horseradish, mustard and home-baked bread. There is live piano every day from 4pm to 7pm. This is the perfect place for one last Vienna adventure, and you can end your visit on a sweet note.

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