St. Martin’s Day

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In Vienna and most of Austria, the month of November marks a special occasion which is being celebrated by preparing a dish featuring the goose. Known as Martinstag or Martinmas, this occasion set on November 11 this year is a time for feasting. 

For this event, not only homes but as well as restaurants and guest houses serve unique dishes containing the goose as a main ingredient. The dish is called Martinigansl or roasted goose served with chestnuts, red cabbage and fluffy bread dumplings. For the Austrians, this is as important as the Easter and Christmas dinner celebrated together with the family. 

When in Vienna, there are various restaurants you can sample this dish. Rudi’s Beisl in the 5th district serves the goose with red and white cabbage and a coice of potato or bread dumplings. 

If you have the extra budget and would like to experience a more luxurious dining, visit Gerstners Landhaus in the 19th district. The place serves a three-course meal starting November 1st. The meal starts with a goose broth with baked croutons then followed by a free-range goose breast with goose praline, red cabbage and Waldviertel dumplings. For dessert, you’ll have sweet baked apple with gingerbread foam. 

Those who don’t eat meat but would like to try a good alternative, the Gasthaus Schillinger in Lower Austria serves it using seitan or white gluten. It also has an onion and marjoram jus together with red cabbage and potato dumplings. 

The feast of St. Martin’s is also marked by the naming of a new wine of the year. This puts the wine regions and villages in Burgenland in the spotlight. 



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