Stadtkino Moves to New Home

The Vienna Stadtkino cinema will soon move to its new home. Situated on Schwarzenbergplatz for the past 30 years, it’s time for a change of environment to benefit moviegoers.

Before the end of September, Stadtkino will be relocated on Künstlerhaus next to the Musikverein building. The move will allow the cinema to be located in a more modern and digitalized building. This is also an opportunity for people to watch top quality films  to entertain themselves all throughout the year.

Vienna’s Culture Minister said the location of Stadtkino on the Karlsplatz area is a huge advantage because of its architectural design.

The architect behind this building, Gabu Heindl, is currently doing renovation works in Kunstlerhaus. He is adding a foyer with an urban feel and a gastro area for the cinema. Other features to be added are an outdoor seating area, a big bar and  a kitchen. This project is estimated to cost some 500,000 Euro.

For the grand opening of Stadtkino scheduled on September 26, three films will be shown – Nicolas Philiberts’ “La maison de la radio”, “Fahrtwind – Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden” by Bernadette Weigel and “Harmony Lessons – Uroki Garmonii” by Emir Baigazin.

The Stadtkino is considered one of the stations of the Viennale International Film Festival. It is popular for screening intellectual and avant-garde films including documentaries.

Its new home, the Kunstlerhaus was constructed between 1865 and 1868 by the Austrian Artists’ Society. While the place is known as an exhibition center for painting, sculpture, architecture and applied art, it also manages a film center. The film center has been operating since 1947. 

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