Strandbar Hermann: A Beach-Like Atmosphere in Vienna

A beach within the city is normally not possible, right especially in a land-locked country? But in Vienna, they made this possible. 

And so there is now such a place called Hermann’s Beach Bar right within the city. This bar situated along one side of the Danube Canal features a beach environment complete with golden sand and classic deck chairs where visitors can enjoy their meals al fresco. The location is perfect as it’s overlooking a body of water although it’s not just a real beach. 

While there are several other places that have this kind of concept, Hermann’s Beach Bar is the first to be established in Vienna. It is situated on the Donaukanal behind the Urania and ha been voted as the world’s second best bar by Conde Nast Traveller in 2006. The beach extends to the water to give guests a feel like they’re really in a beach. 

This bar is always jampacked with its own share of guests from teens to the working people and seniors including the Viennese folks who like to get their feet in the sand and who want to laze around under the sun for some fun times. In fact, some professionals who work in nearby buildings go here for their lunch. Not bad at all for those craving to enjoy a beach atmosphere during the work week.  

Two bars are available here. The big one in the center is where you can get drinks, both alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The smaller one is where guests can order their favorite cocktails. 

Prices of food and drinks here can be pricier than the others but if you’re after a beach-like get together, it should not really matter. 

Whether you want to go sunbathing, meetup with friends and have a drink or snacks or simply want to feel real sand no your feet, Hermann’s Beach Bar is the place to be. Don’t worry that the skyline you’ll see is full of high buildings instead of the sea horizon, what matters is you’re enjoying yourself and the company of your friends or loved ones. 


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