tanz ist Dance Festival

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Music is a huge part of Vienna hence it should be no surprise that the city also has active dance groups and events that showcase the dance skills of the Viennese. Unknown to some of you, Vienna is also the world’s dance capital. 

Each year, the Vienna capital holds a dance festival. Known as “tanz ist;” this event is held twice a year. A contemporary dance programme is showcased every June but free dance performances are offered every November. 

This event features various activities. Apart from the main performances, a film showing that pays tribute to Edmund Kalb and workshop are among the side events scheduled for this festival. 

For 2014, the tanz ist festival marks 20 years of dance with the theme Homeland. It aims to recognize the tension between rural home and contemporary artistic creation that has long been in existence. The focus this year is on contemporary dance artists who are dealing with their own identity and striving hard to overcome their limits. 

One highlight is the performance by Simon Mayer as he explores his identity in a playful manner via a mix of tradition and contemporary dance. Mayer is not only a dancer but also a choreographer and musician who studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School and PARTS in Brussels. 

The tanz ist dance festival will run from October 31 to November 8. 

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