Theater School Offers Fun Acting Workshops

Vienna residents and visitors who love to explore the world of acting and theater in a fun way can now do so at the Vienna English Theatre School of Performing Arts. 

This workshop offering is in celebration of the schools’ 50th anniversary and is known as improvisational theater which means no script and textbooks are involved. Participants simply sign up, play and have fun. 

Adults welcome to join in this program are those aged 19 up to 100. Yes, the age limit is that old because after all, learning should never cease as long as one is eager to gain more knowledge and become more creative.  As such, men and women aspiring to learn a bit about theatre acting should not miss this rare opportunity. 

This improvisational theatre acting program is also open to acting students, beginners and even the experienced actors. All levels of English proficiency and experience are accommodated. Each workshop will accept only 15 people hence pre-registration is required. 

In addition to the free-for-all workshop, a more serious English acting workshop and a three-part workshop are also on offer. The English workshop scheduled on November 19 explores the works of mystery novel author Agatha Christie covering themes, styles and characters. 

The three-part workshop, on the other hand, is scheduled on November 26, December 3 and 10 and covers the five P’s of public speaking – presence, passion, projection, pace and pause. 



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