Thermal Baths in Vienna

Thermal baths, also known as hot springs, are very popular in Europe. They have been in existence since the Roman times and are often an attraction to people because of the healing power of its warm waters. They are known to help relieve pain in the joints, back and skin due to arthritis and rheumatism.

Vienna has its own share of these thermal baths which are now most often part of spa centers. Many spas with thermal baths in the Austrian capital are located inside major hotels and are accessible only to hotel guests. These include the Sacher Hotel, the Ring Hotel Day Spa and Grand Hotel Wien, among others.

Those looking for options, particularly the locals wanting to pamper themselves every now and then but with a limited budget, have many choices as well. They can go to Therme Wien, Krapfenwaldbad, La Bonita Beauty Spa, John Harris Health and Fitness, Pure Day Spa, St. Martin’s and Thermalbad Oberlaa. Some of them feature giant swimming pools that use naturally heated water and where people can swim around for as long as they want.

Therme Wien is Europe’s biggest (13,000 square meters) and most modern well center located in the city. In 2011, it was the recipient of two awards – Best Spa (1st place) and Best Sanatorium (3rd place). The two medicinal springs in this spa center are also among Europe’s most effective springs.

Nature lovers looking for lovely views in an elevated area can check out Krapfenwaldbad. The place which features two small pools is often full so book early if you can.

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