Thriving Business at Brunnenmarkt

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Shopping is always a fun and happy experience especially when you’re on the hunt for food and rare items. In Vienna, the Brunnenmarkt is a place every visitor must explore. Situated in the 16th district (Ottakring) of the Austrian capital specifically in the Yppenplatz square, it is considered Europe’s longest and one of Vienna’s oldest street markets.    

While the place may be abuzz with business, it remains to be very cultural. It is also here where shoppers can enjoy low priced items compared to those sold in the bigger Naschmarkt. 

Also known as the Fountain Market, this area was established in 1786 in Brunnengasse. By 1897, it expanded to the square at Yppenplatz. 

Originally, though, this place was a village called Neulerchenfeld at risk of being vanished when residential development went full swing after the war. 

Starting from the Thaliastrasse area, Brunnenmarkt stretches up to four blocks measuring 800 meters long. It accommodates more than 150 vendors mostly the locals, Turks and Serbs. Many of these vendors are in loose dresses and colorful headscarves you’d think you’re in Istanbul. Half of the population in this area alone is made up of Turkish immigrants who have made Vienna their home. 

But other than the vendors, visitors will also find there artists, writers, musicians and theater people showing off their skills on the streets. 

To go to Brunnenmarkt, take the metro line U6 up to station Thaliastrasse and then the tram line 46 up to Brunengrasse. From Stephansplatz, visitors only need to take the U3 going to Westbahnhof then take the U6 to Josefstaedter Strasse. From there, the Brunnenmarkt is only two blocks away passing the Gaullachergasse. 




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