Tips on Ordering Coffee in Vienna

Coffee in Vienna

Visiting Vienna is never complete without being able to savor its authentic coffee drinks. In fact, it is a must to try the different coffee flavors or variations for your greatest satisfaction. 

When you’re in a coffeehouse or cafe in Vienna, it’s not proper to simply order coffee. This is because more than a dozen variations are available there even in the smallest cafes. So make sure you do a little research of the different variants so you won’t get those stares from the locals. 

Hot Coffee

Cappuccino – This is a regional variation and not the international kind that you’re familiar of. It is made from coffee and whipped cream is used instead of the frothed milk. 

Einspanner – This one refers to a strong, black coffee which is served in a high glass. It features a dash of whipped cream. 

Espresso or Kurzer – This is the international Espresso version that used to be called Kurzer or short one in the local dialect. 

Cafe Latte – Available for a long time now, this refers to a large coffee with frothed milk. Its name is actually Italian.  

Melange – Called the king of coffee, this one is a mix of frothed milk and steamed coffee. It can be consumed any time of the day. 

Fiaker – A unique variant, this contains a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream. Its name was taken after horse-and-carriages. 

Brauner – This can either be the Kleiner (little brown one) or GroBer (large brown one) which is similar to ordinary coffee. It’s black with a bit of milk and steamed like espresso. 

Konsul – An extraordinary variant like Fiaker, this one is black with a  bit of whipped cream. 

Mokka or Schwarzer – This refers to a strong, black coffee served without sugar but consumed with lots of sugar. 

Cold Coffee

Eiskaffee – Served during the hot summer months, this is cold coffee with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream. 

Mazagran – Another cold coffee variation with a shot of rum and some sugar. This is a very refreshing drink during summer. 

In Austria, coffee beans are normally roasted until they become very dark or almost black in color. This process is known as French or Italian roast. 

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