Top Events in Vienna

On ice

Vienna, Austria plays host to interesting and unique special events.  There is an event happening no matter what time of year you decide to visit.  Make sure you check with your favorite travel resource to see which of these great experiences are available during your stay in Vienna, Austria.

4. Viennese Dream on Ice

Vienna Dream On Ice

Each winter, the area in front of Vienna’s City Hall turns into an ice skating wonderland.  The city celebrates the cold season with outdoor skating set in an idyllic venue.  Spending an evening experiencing the Viennese Dream is a must for travellers arriving in Vienna between January and March.

3. Donauinselfest


Donauinselfest is the largest pop music festival in Europe and occurs each year usually during the final week of June.  The name of the festival roughly translates to The Danube Festival, and it usually features a keynote performance by the Vienna Symphony.  The Donauinselfest has become increasingly popular and attendance has soared to several million visitors during the course of the festival.

2. Viennale

Viennale Vienna

Viennale is Vienna, Austria’s annual film festival.  This film festival occurs every October and is a premiere venue for indie and documentary producers to showcase their efforts.  Film buffs are well served to attempt to plan their Vienna trip to coincide with this exciting event.

1. Wiener Festwochen

Wiener Festwochen

The Wiener Festwochen, or Vienna Festival in English, runs for six weeks each between the months of May and June.  The Wiener Festwochen has taken its place among the most popular cultural events to be found in Europe, if not the entire world.  The event is international in nature and features performances and lectures encompassing all forms of art and literature from around the world.  Join the 200,000 other visitors who have discovered the culture and entertainment found at the Vienna Festival each year.

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