Top Traditional Coffee Houses

A visit to Vienna would not be complete without a trip to some of the classic coffee houses in the city. Whether you’re going in the morning or late afternoon, whether you’re alone or with company, you’re definitely in for a treat with a great tasting coffee and delicious pastry.

Choices for coffee are plenty from the plain to the expresso with whipped cream. Desserts are also in abundant supp. Visitors can choose from the chocolate cake, Linzer tortes and apple strudel.

These Viennese coffee houses date back to the 1600s and up to now, some of the oldest still remain. Each has its own unique ambience and history.

If you’re a coffee lover or just want to experience the coffee culture in Vienna, you can check out one of these places.

Cafe Frauenhuber

This is known as the oldest coffeehouse in the city with a musical legacy. Back in 1788, famous Viennese musicians Mozart and Beethoven used to perform before guests.

Cafe Central

This place used to accommodate the intellectuals of the past. Popular figures who were regular customers here were Sigmund Freud and  author Peter Altenberg. In the 1930s, the coffee house earned the name Chess school as it was here where many chess players stopped by for some drinks and conversation.  

Cafe Sperl

This coffeehouse boasts of a traditional setting. It features marble tables and offers local dishes. Featured in the movie “Before Sunrise,” the male guests here can also play billilards.

Cafe Sacher

This coffeehouse with a red interior design theme is housed inside the Sacher Hotel, the reason for its name. A popular offering here is the Sache Torte which is a popular Austrian version of the chocolate cake with apricot jam filling. How this delicious cake is made remains to be a secret.
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