Touring Upscale Vienna

Visitors wishing to explore Vienna’s upscale landmarks have a lot to choose from. Many can be found within the city and therefore, easily accessible. We share some of them here that you must definitely include in your itinerary if you’re planning a trip to Vienna sooner or later. 

Votive Church

The Votive Church or Votivkirche in Vienna is a gothic church that boasts of stunning stained glass. Situated in RingStraBe, this religious structure was commissioned by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian after the attempted assassination of his brother Emperor Franz Joseph. It was his way of giving thanks for saving the life of Emperor brother. 

Imperial Treasury

The Imperial Treasury or Schatzkammer is where some of the most precious and ornate relics of the Habsburg empire are displayed. Visitors can view here the famous Austrian imperial crown, the world’s biggest cur emerald and other treasures including jewels and fabrics. 

Vienna Secession

The Secession museum building boasts of a golden dome that dominates the Vienna skyline. This museum was constructued to house artmovements of Vienna in an effort to unite the different art forms including architecture. The Secession is considered the oldest independent gallery in the world dedicated to contemporary art. 

Imperial Crypt

The Imperial Crypt or Kaisergruft is where the preserved internal organs of the Hapsburg royal family members can be found. Buried here are the 12 emperors, 18 empresses and 113 other members of the royal family. A few blocks away is the heart room where 54 urns are kept. 


Heldenplatz is considered among the last expansions to the Hofburg Palace by the Hapsburg family. A majestic structure, this neo classical style building is a testament to the Hapsburg’s desire to be known as a powerful empire comparable to the Greek gods. Outside the building stands the statue of Archduke Charles II. 


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