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Summer in Austria

Tips for Bearing the Heatwave

Summer in Vienna means the possibility of heat waves and this can be unbearable to many people including tourists. The weather in the city is forecast to ohave high temperatures of up to 38C including in some parts of Austria. 

With the summer heat sure to stay for awhile, locals and visitors need to know the ways to keep cool particularly the elderly and the young ones. We share here some useful tips which should help cool you down these hot months. 

Best Swimming Spots in Austria

Swimming is a very popular activity during summer time and if you're heading to Vienna or other parts of Austria, you won't be disappointed. Although Austria does not have natural beaches, it sure has its share of beautiful lakes and rivers where people can enjoy a dip in the natural waters. 

Old Danube

When you're in Vienna, the Old Danube or Alte Donau is the best place to visit. The Gansehaufel area boasts of two kilometersr of beach plus there are also swimming pools, playgrounds and cafes. 


Danube Bike Trail

Vienna is one European city that promotes a health lifestyle. In terms of transportation, it has green buses plying around the major thoroughfares while it also has bicycle paths for people who love to pedal around the city and nearby areas.

Gasthof Schafberg Alpe, Sankt Gilgen, Austria

Best Weekend Destinations Near Vienna

Weekends are great for spending quality time with loved ones and friends. While Vienna has so many great spots to offer, an out-of-town trip would be worth taking once in a while. 

We share here some places not far from Vienna worth exploring on your free time. A visit to these places would give you and your companions a truly enriching and fun experience whether indoor or outdoor. 


Coffee in Vienna

Tips on Ordering Coffee in Vienna

Visiting Vienna is never complete without being able to savor its authentic coffee drinks. In fact, it is a must to try the different coffee flavors or variations for your greatest satisfaction. 

When you're in a coffeehouse or cafe in Vienna, it's not proper to simply order coffee. This is because more than a dozen variations are available there even in the smallest cafes. So make sure you do a little research of the different variants so you won't get those stares from the locals. 

Hot Coffee