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Best Swimming Spots in Austria

Swimming is a very popular activity during summer time and if you're heading to Vienna or other parts of Austria, you won't be disappointed. Although Austria does not have natural beaches, it sure has its share of beautiful lakes and rivers where people can enjoy a dip in the natural waters. 

Old Danube

When you're in Vienna, the Old Danube or Alte Donau is the best place to visit. The Gansehaufel area boasts of two kilometersr of beach plus there are also swimming pools, playgrounds and cafes. 

Gasthof Schafberg Alpe, Sankt Gilgen, Austria

Best Weekend Destinations Near Vienna

Weekends are great for spending quality time with loved ones and friends. While Vienna has so many great spots to offer, an out-of-town trip would be worth taking once in a while. 

We share here some places not far from Vienna worth exploring on your free time. A visit to these places would give you and your companions a truly enriching and fun experience whether indoor or outdoor. 


Villa Aurora

If a relaxing tour outside Vienna's city center is what you're after, Villa Aurora should be in your itinerary. 

Constructed in 1785, Villa Aurora is a house situated on a hill in the Vienna Woods. It features a graden and a dining terrace offering beautiful nature views. Regardless of the season, this tourist spot is always a great place to visit and spend even a few hours together with your companion or family and friends. 

Best Places to Visit for Side Trips

Vienna on its own has numerous beautiful attractions that never fail to capture the hearts of visitors. But for those who want to explore more, there are other areas within the Austrian capital's doorstep worth visiting. They're just nearby and can be reached within minutes to an hour. 

Lower Austria or the so-called cradle of Austria's history is highly recommended for its exquisite beauty and affordability. Prices here are 30 percent lower compared to Vienna. 

Skiing in Vienna

While most of the top ski resort in Austria are not in Vienna, the capital city has one at Semmering Zauberberg. Open since December, the place accommodates people with or without skiing experience not only during daytime but as well as nighttime.

Ski fans wanting to enjoy the snow in the best possible way can enjoy the slopes that have been well prepared for them. There are 14 kilometers of ski slopes available during the day and another 13 kilometers which can be used at night for serious and experienced skiers and snowboarders. 

Hiking Hotspots

Hiking is a personal, healthy and fun activity notably when you do it with loved ones or friends. You can actually do this in Vienna which offers many picturesque hiking paths.


One of the most scenic places in Austria aside from its capital city is the tiny region of Vorarlberg found in the westernmost part of the country. Bordered by two countries and a principality – Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – it has the distinct advantage of having a diverse topography which makes it an ideal holiday destination all year round.

Skiing in and around Vienna

Vienna is Austria’s cultural capital, but in the winter it becomes a skiing capital where both locals and tourists enjoy the powdery-white mountainous landscape surrounding the city.  Skiing is Austria’s number one winter sport and every winter, Vienna’s modern ski resorts and lodges become popular playgrounds for adults and children alike.

Hohe Wand Weise

It was the success of the Austrian Ski team in the 1966 Olympic Games Cortina, Italy which sparked the Viennese interest in skiing. In the same year they built and opened the Hohe Wand Weise. It was designed to meet FIS (International Ski Federation) guidelines so that it can become a venue for international skiing competitions.