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Danube Bike Trail

Vienna is one European city that promotes a health lifestyle. In terms of transportation, it has green buses plying around the major thoroughfares while it also has bicycle paths for people who love to pedal around the city and nearby areas.

Vienna photograpghy tour

Vienna Photography Walking Tour

As one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Vienna never ceases to amaze visitors of all ages. Visiting Vienna offers a lot of photo opportunities. Whereever you go, there's sure to capture your attention and urge you to snap photos. 

Whether you're into photography as a hobby or you're one person who simply loves to take pictures of places you visit, you should not miss the Vienna photography walking tour. You can even do this by day or by night, depending on your preference. 

Segway Tour of Vienna

While in the Austrian, there's absolutely so many things to do that a day or two of stay is not enough for the new visitors. Tours are of various kinds as well ranging from the walking tour and bike tour to the river tour. 

Audio Walking Tour in Vienna

Vienna is best experienced through a tour right there in the city. But if this is not possible, there is still an opportunity to explore the Austrian capital right in the comfort of your own home or office. This can be done through the popular audio walking tour of Vienna. 

Outdoor Pursuits to Do in Vienna

Nature lovers and adventurous travelers can always look forward to an exciting holiday when in Vienna. With its vast land and marvelous landscapes, there are various outdoor activities worth doing with your partner, family or friends. Some popular active pursuits available in Vienna are biking, hiking, boating, skiing, swimming and other water sports. 


Vienna Sightseeing by Air

With Vienna's amazing tourist attractions, who wouldn't want to get around the city to see the beautiful sights. A sightseeing tour around the city is highly recommended to visitors. This can be done in various ways although the usual are by land via a rental car, tram or bicycle and by water through a river cruise. 

This time, however, visitors can do their tour by air. This will be possible very soon when the company Aerial Helicopters offers its sightseeing tour of Vienna via a helicopter. The company has tied up with a travel firm Verkehrsburo for this project. 

City Tour by Boat

There are many ways to explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Vienna. You can do so by bus, tram, bicycle, by foot or by car. But visitors to Vienna looking for a unique way to tour the city should consider doing it by boat. And why not? There's the world famous Danube River (part of which is in the Austrian capital) where this kind of sightseeing tour can be made possible.

Walking Tour of Vienna

For some people, an ideal tour of a place they visit is by taking the bus or a rental car. There are others, however, who prefer a more unique way of exploring the attractions around such as doing a bike tour or taking a cruise.

But perhaps a more personal way to visit the tourist spots is going by foot. If you're heading to Vienna, make sure   you do a walking tour that can take you to some of the city's hidden gems. Vienna  has small streets and vistas that connect the famous attractions the reason why a guided walk can be the best tour for you.