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Summer in Austria

Tips for Bearing the Heatwave

Summer in Vienna means the possibility of heat waves and this can be unbearable to many people including tourists. The weather in the city is forecast to ohave high temperatures of up to 38C including in some parts of Austria. 

With the summer heat sure to stay for awhile, locals and visitors need to know the ways to keep cool particularly the elderly and the young ones. We share here some useful tips which should help cool you down these hot months. 

Coffee in Vienna

Tips on Ordering Coffee in Vienna

Visiting Vienna is never complete without being able to savor its authentic coffee drinks. In fact, it is a must to try the different coffee flavors or variations for your greatest satisfaction. 

When you're in a coffeehouse or cafe in Vienna, it's not proper to simply order coffee. This is because more than a dozen variations are available there even in the smallest cafes. So make sure you do a little research of the different variants so you won't get those stares from the locals. 

Hot Coffee

Vienna Apps Help You Locate the Best Spots

The Austrian capital boasts of so many interesting places to visit that a few days stay in the city won't be enough to explore all of them. Apart from the famous tourist spots, there are also the hidden gems that deserve to be visited.

To know where to go around Vienna, one needs to do some research online and use a map to know the directions. But thankfully, your smartphone can now help you in this aspect. Various apps about Vienna are now available to give you a list of places to visit and find public transport.

Environmental-friendly ways to explore Vienna

Those who are consciously minimizing their carbon footprint will be happy to know the capital city of Austria encourages this environmental-friendly goal – and provides lots of ways to do so. Indeed you can explore Vienna without driving a gas-guzzling, smoke-emitting vehicle. Moreover, the options guarantee fun-filled hours of discovering the city without being expensive.

Finding your Way around Vienna

You might think that it could be a challenge to find your way around Vienna if you don’t speak or understand Austrian German. But aside from having a local guide or a trusty map to help you navigate the city streets, there are other ways by which you can explore Vienna on your own. Here are some useful things to remember: Vienna is made up of 23 districts, also called “Bezirk” and they are numbered accordingly to their geographical location starting from the city centre (which is the 1st district of Innere Stadt) and radiating outwards in a clockwise manner.

What to Pack for Vienna

It may be just for a short holiday, or a longer vacation but it’s always a good idea to be prepared for whatever your trip brings you. Vienna is a cosmopolitan city and while you may be able to find everything that you may need in the shops, it helps to pack the basic essentials.

Health Insurance in Vienna

Austrian health insurance is excellent, but it is quite costly. So if you are planning to stay in Vienna for a long time, it is important that you are covered.

If you will study in a University, you will be covered by public health insurance which is mandatory for all universities within Austria. All you have to do is contact the office which handles foreign students for more information.