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Train sets of lines U6 and U4

Vienna Metro

The Vienna Metro (called “U-Bahn” in German) is made up of five primary lines called U1, U2, U3,…
Bike in Vienna

Vienna: One of Top 20 Bike-Friendly Cities

Vienna is well known for its bicycle lifestyle which not only promotes a healthy lifestyle for residents and visitors but also reduces the city's carbon footprint. 

Owing to this cycling system in place, Vienna is in the world's top 20 list of bike-friendly cities. The Austrian capital is in 16th place in the Copenhagenize Index which noted the city's cycle tracks and modern facilities unmatched by other cities around the world.   

Vienna is 3rd Most Sootfree European City

Owing to its green program that covers the transportation sector, Vienna has been declared Europe's third most sootfree city. Among 23 cities in the European continent, the Austrian capital scored high for its environmental efforts such as in fighting air pollution. 

Space Theme for the Train Toilets

Austria is pioneering the themed toilet not in its hotels or restaurants, though, but in its trains. Yes, the national railway line OeBB is now doing a campaign to launch themed toilets that will looks and smell like you're in outer space. 

Vienna Commits to be a Green City

Various cities around the world today are now taking steps to lessen their carbon footprints for the long term. In Austria, Vienna is committed to creating a green city through various means. 

The city's mayor himself Michael Haupl is leading the campaign called "Smart City" that aims to make the Austrian capital one of Europe's greenest and most sustainable cities in the future. This is also in response to the environmental issues posed by a growing population of the city predicted to reach two million by the year 2030. 

Ringstrasse Undergoes Transformation

Next year 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the Ringstrasse or Vienna's famous the Ring considered to be the city's grand boulevard. This area is actually a loop stretching for three miles. The Viennese even considers the place the world's biggest open-air museum. 

The car-free Ringstrasse area has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has been closed to traffic to allow people to stroll around the place on foot without having to be bothered by vehicles passing by. 

Folding Car Soon to Grace the Streets of Austria

Austrians wanting to own a small car that will make parking a breeze in the cities are about to make their wish come true. This is because a student in Austria has just invented a folding car. 

Known as origamimobile, the vehicle can be folded when parked to fit in a small space. Its name was derived from the Japanese art of paper folding called origami. 

transportation in Vienna Austria

E-Bikes Gaining Popularity in Austria

Electric bikes are in trend these days particularly in Europe. Since German company Bosch launched its e-bikes in 2011, the mode of transportation has experienced a major boom in the continent. 

Statistics show that in 2013, some $139 million have been generated from the sales of e-bikes while more than 400,000 units were sold in Germany. In 2012, an estimated 854,000 bikes were sold in the entire Europe alone. Interestingly, one in 10 bikes in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland are the electronic type.