Traveling Dinosaur Exhibition

Vienna residents and visitors have something to entertain themselves this holiday break. A traveling exhibition featuring the dinosaurs of the past is now in the Austrian capital in time for the New Year celebration. 

The Vienna stop is part of the European tour and the good news is that it will stay in the city until February 9. Make sure then that you bring the  whole family and your friends to the former St. Marx slaughterhouse where the exhibit is currently being held. 

This Age of the Dinosaur exhibition showcases more than 50 animals plus fossils and other interesting archaeological finds. To give you a specific idea of what you can see, there’s a Tyrannosaurus rex that stands 8 meters tall, a Triceratops with babies that weigh two tons, a Diplodocus or what is known as the longest dinosaur and an armour plated Stegosaurus. Informative tours are available. 

So far, this dinosaur exhibit has made stops in other parts of Europe such as Italy, Hungary, Germany and Ukraine. 

Dinosaurs existed more than 230 million years ago. They were the dominant vertebrates for 135 million years from the start of the Jurassic period. They can be herbivorous or carnivorous.  

Worldwide, there are many museums that display dinosaur bones. Some of the best places to visit to see them are the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin, Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Chicago’s the Field Museum of Natural History and Washington DC’s National Museum of Natural History.
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