Turkey Gravy Viennese Version

Any Thanksgiving celebration won’t be complete without the turkey. But other than this poultry dish and other special food, the gravy should not be taken for granted. Keep in mind that the gravy makes the roasted turkey more flavorful when eaten and the kids love it. 

Each country that observe the Thanksgiving celebration may have its own version of the gravy. The Viennese version is unique in its own so be sure to try it at home.

This is a very simple recipe to make and can even be prepared ahead of time so your focus on Thanksgiving day is only on your main dishes and desserts. 

You will need turkey or chicken stock, all purpose flour, water to dissolve the flour, salt and pepper, a splash of wine if you want and some minced herbs although this is optional. Some people like to use cream of chicken soup. 

The roast turkey drippings are also commonly used to make the gravy. Many prefer to use them to create a very flavorful gravy. 

Basically, the steps are the same regardless of the ingredients you use. Simply mix the flour with the chicken or turkey stock then add salt, pepper, minced herbs and your other ingredients including the wine if you want. 

If you want to use the oil left from the roast turkey, just add your flour to it then mix them while slowly adding water to create a thick gravy. Then add salt and pepper to taste. 

Now you can enjoy your roast turkey with the entire family. 



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