Unique Bars and Clubs of Vienna

Bars and pubs abound in Vienna and they make the city’s nightlife so alive and entertaining. While some of them offer the traditional ambience, there are others that feature unique and stylish interior. Visitors eager to experience something out of the ordinary when out to enjoy the night should check out some of them.

Red Room
– Situated on the Ringstrasse Boulevard, this place is well known for the exquisite drinks it offers to guests. Specifically located in the basement of Comida,  the Red Room features a red and white interior theme. The seats are red, the tables are white and the wall coverings made use of textile. A DJ’s deck is in place where music is played from the 1960s to the present.

Lutz der club – This is a nightspot that boasts of a stylish architecture and luxury design. Situated on the basement of the fin de siecle building, this 300-square-meter club has a dancefloor where people wanting to shake and dance their worries away can do so. There’s also a bar and cafe located above the Mariahilfer Strasse that serves breakfast early in the day. 

Babenberger Passage – This is a special club located in a former pedestrian underpass that remained unused for many years. It boasts of a futuristic interior design and is a popular discotheque in the city with state of the art lighting systems. Being in this bar feels like being inside a spaceship owing to the unique light effects. 

Bar Italia – This Italy-inspired place located iin the Mariahilferstrasse shopping area features two sections. The Upstairs is a small cafe while the Downstairs is a bar that becomes alive at night. Their interior design is courtesy of Viennese architect Arkan Zeytinoglu who used varied colors, materials and mirrors.

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