Unique Coffee Houses

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The abundance of coffee houses in Vienna can present a challenge to new visitors who want to experience the best coffee culture in the Austrian capital. But choosing where to go should not be difficult if you know the type of ambiance of cafes you are targetting to visit. 

Here, we share some of the best coffee houses that any visitor should not miss. Each cafe has its own distinct personality making it a standout from the rest. 

Das Mobel

Do you love art? Then Das Mobel may be the coffee house for you. Here, you can try out, experience or event sit on the latest designs created by young artists. And in case you want to bring one art work home, you can always buy them there. 

At Das Mobel, visitors and frequent guests can experience a different interior theme on a regular basis. They can also get to taste organic coffee in addition to the classic specialties as well as ayurvedic teas. 

Cafe Phil

This is the meeting place of the bobos or the bourgeois bohemians. What makes this cafe unique is the presence of a bookshop inside that features retro and contemporary literature. 

So while sipping your favorite coffee, book lovers can get a book and read. And if you’d like to take home the book, you can always buy it there. 

Konzertcafé Schmid Hansl

This coffee house is known as the most musical as it regularly hosts local music rebels and their avid fans. What they do at the Schmid Hansl cafe is whip up the traditional Viennese folk and brass songs and mix it with other music genres such as pop, jazz, blues, operetta and world music tunes. 


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