Vienna is 2nd Most Liveable City for 2015

Vienna adds another feather in its cap as it earned the second spot in the list of most liveable cities for 2015. The London-based Monocle which is a culture and lifestyle magazine gave the title to Vienna. 

Monocle magazine has been comparing the quality of life among the world’s international cities since 2007. It ranks cities based on a number of factors such as local public transport, affordable housing, crime rate and favorable business climate. Subjective factors are also taken into account such as joy of live, vibrating nightlife and tolerance. 

For this year 2015, the individual freedom of people living in the metropolitan areas was also given attention. Other new criteria added were the price of a three-bedroom house, the cost of a cup of coffee, glass of wine and decent lunch as well as access to outdoors.

From sixth place in 2014, Vienna made a big leap to the second place just behind Tokyo, Japan. Berlin, Melbourne and Sydney complete the top 5 list.  

In terms of international quality of living, Vienna topped the list this year based on the Mercer study. The Austrian capital has been enjoying the number one spot for six years now besting 229 cities around the world. The Mercer survey is based on political, economic, social and environmental factors.  


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