Vienna Airport Gets More Share of Austrian Market

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With the recent launch of new services, Vienna Airport is predicted to increase its hare of the Austrian airport market. Reports have noted that between 1996 and 2013, the airport in the Austrian capital has experienced a rise in its share of the country’s airport traffic (covering a total of six airports) from 75 percent to nearly 84 percent.

Traffic statistics released by showed that Vienna’s share of passenger traffic was pegged at 75 percent in 1996. In 2010, the rate went up to 80 percent for the first time. By 2013, the rate attained was at its record level of 83.5 percent. 

At the start of last year’s winter season, new services have been introduced in the Vienna Airport. Airline companies that are now expanding their services to the Austrian capital this year are Air Algerie, Air One, Air China and Ethiopian Airlines. 

Each year, Austria’s six airports accommodates more than 100,000 passengers. Vienna is currently the busiest airport with Salzburg on the second spot. 

Unlike Vienna’s airport which continually experiences growth, the regional airports have experienced both positive and negative year-on-year changes in demand. The Salzburg airported attained its peak traffic in 2007, Klagenfurt’s busiest year was in 2005 while Graz and Linz had their busiest in 2008. Innsbruck, meanwhile, reached its record one million  passenger mark in 2010. 



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