Vienna Airport Info & Getting From Vienna Airport to City Center

Vienna Airport Gets More Share of Austrian Market

The Vienna International Airport (airline code/ Vienna airport code VIE) is located in Schwechat around 16km (10 miles) southeast of Vienna.

The airport is one of the largest hubs for flights in central Europe and especially well suited for flight to Eastern Europe too.


Fly to Vienna

There are many ways to go to Vienna depending where you come from. If you’re planning to take the plane to Austria, you can compare airlines and find the cheapest one with the flights comparator.

Layover in Vienna

The minimum time you need to calculate between flights is 30-45 minutes.

The airport in Vienna has many shops and restaurants, so your best bet to spend some time on a layover is to stay there.

Unfortunately, nearby the airport are not too many attractions, and to go to the city it takes 30 minutes.

Getting from Vienna Airport to the City


Getting to and from the airport from Vienna is pretty easy. There are two train services that ply the route: the City Airport Train services between VIE and Wien Mitte/Landstrasse, and the Express train S7 which also stops in several parts in Vienna. As well, there are airport buses of the Vienna Airport Lines that has different stops in the city, from the Vienna Meidling Station, Morzinplatz to Westbahnhof.

You can check the bus schedules from Postbus website. Vienna cradholders also get to enjoy cheaper fares. If you plan to drive to the airport, you can take the A4 Airport Motorway or the B9 road. VIE currently has three terminals to serve passengers: there are two main terminals and a smaller terminal for low-cost airlines. This year, another major terminal is set to be opened to expand the capacity of the airport to handle up to 30 million passengers a year.

Modern terminal facilities include a 24-hour medical center, a pharmacy, over 80 shops, cafes and restaurants for passengers who are awaiting their flights along with conference and business facilities. The VIE is also equipped with facilities for the disabled and handicapped.

Here’s more about public transport from Vienna airport to city center.

Taxi from Vienna Airport to City Center

A taxi from Vienna airport to city center costs around €30 and takes 30 minutes (depending on traffic of course). The taxi lines are directly outside arrivals and the lines are usually not too long.

Right before the exit of arrivals there also booths of taxi companies, such as ATS (Vienna Airport Transfer Service) Vienna. They sell flat fee taxi tickets to the center, the price of ATS is between €35 and €40 depending on the destination district. Taking a regular taxi outside of the arrivals building may be cheaper.

But honestly, we would rather recommend you to book a private car before landing in Vienna. The driver is very professional and always on time. You can book online here and you’ll be sure to arrive at your hotel pretty quickly, comfortably and stress-free.

Vienna Austria Airport Bus

Vienna Airport Bus

Vienna Austria Airport Lines busses leave every 20 minutes from the airport to the city’s Westbahnhof and Südbahnhof train stations.

The earliest bus leaves around 06.00am, the latest around midnight.

Important information:

  • Time to the city: The bus journey takes 40 minutes to the Westbahnhof or 20 minutes to the Südbhanhof/Wien Meidling.
  • Departure: The airport busses leave right in front of the arrivals hall.
  • Cost: The price for an oneway ticket with the Vienna Airport Bus is €8.

CAT – the City Airport Train in Vienna

Vienna City Airport Train CAT

The City Airport Train is a direct high-speed train link from the Vienna airport to city center’s Wien Mitte station.

The trains leave every 30 minutes. The earliest train leaves at 05.37 a.m, the latest at 11.38 pm.

Tickets can be bought at vending machines in the station.

Important information:

  • Time to the city: The train takes just a quick 16 minutes.
  • Departure: To get to the train from arrivals follow the green CAT signs.
  • Cost: The cost for a oneway ticket with the City Airport Train is €12, a return ticket costs €21.


The S-Bahn is of the public transportation network in Vienna and the cheapest way to get to Vienna from the airport. The trains go to the Wien Mitte train station (same as the CAT).

Important information:

  • The S-Bahn trains leave every 30 minutes.
  • The first train departs the Vienna Airport at 04.54 am, the latest at 00.18 am.
  • Time to city: 24 minutes.
  • Cost: A oneway S-Bahn ticket costs €4.10.

Car Rental

Car Rental counters are in the western part of the arrivals hall.

Cheap Flights to Vienna

Vienna airport flights info

There’s no better time to travel cheap to the different parts of the world than today. With so many airlines offering discounted rates, people need only to save a little to be able to fly to their favorite destinations whatever time of the year they wish.

If Vienna is one of your target destinations, it is possible to obtain cheap fares going there. There are hundreds of airlines flying to and from Vienna today and some of these major airlines are KLM, British Airways, the Emirates and Thai Airways.

Numerous websites offer cheap airline rates compared to getting your ticket from the traditional travel agents. All you need is to search for a trusted site, such as Skyscanner, and book your ticket there. Just specify your country of origin, whether you’re booking for one way or round trip, the date you’re flying and the number of passengers.

The Process of Getting Your Ticket

Some sites may allow reservations but if that’s not allowed, then you should purchase right away and then provide your credit card details. Next you will get an email confirmation in your inbox stating the details of your flight.

Before purchasing your tickets, though, be sure to compare prices first. This is one of the most effective ways of getting the best deals from major airline companies.

Austria has its own flag carrier which is Austrian Airlines with Vienna as its main hub. This airline offers low rates to travelers owing to its high volume of sales and partnership with more than 40 airlines worldwide. For those within Europe, you may want to choose this airline for your next trip to Vienna.

Normally, it takes about two hours to travel to the Austrian capital from the major parts of Europe. All flights going to Vienna land at the Vienna International Airport, Austria’s busiest hub just a few minutes away from the city center.

For frequent travelers, the best way to know about these cheap airline rates is to subscribe to your favorite airline’s newsletter or regular update. In this way, you won’t get behind what’s new and what’s cheap.

Vienna Airport Gets More Share of Austrian Market

Vienna Airport Gets More Share of Austrian Market

With the recent launch of new services, Vienna Austria Airport is predicted to increase its share of the Austrian airport market. Reports have noted that between 1996 and 2013, the airport in the Austrian capital has experienced a rise in its share of the country’s airport traffic (covering a total of six airports) from 75 percent to nearly 84 percent.

Traffic statistics released by showed that Vienna’s share of passenger traffic was pegged at 75 percent in 1996. In 2010, the rate went up to 80 percent for the first time. By 2013, the rate attained was at 83.5 percent.

Vienna Airport Improvements

New services have been introduced in the Vienna Airport. Airline companies that are now expanding their services to the Austrian capital this year are Air Algerie, Air One, Air China and Ethiopian Airlines.

Each year, Austria’s six airports accommodate more than 100,000 passengers. Vienna is currently the busiest airport with Salzburg on the second spot. Unlike Vienna’s airport which continually experiences growth, the regional airports have experienced both positive and negative year-on-year changes in demand.

In 2010 Innsbruck reached its record one million passenger mark.

Vienna Airport Map

map airport vienna

Click here to check Vienna Airport interactive map.

Vienna airport to Launch World’s Shortest Flight

World’s Shortest Flight

In 2015, Vienna launched the world’s shortest flight. The route, courtesy of FlyNiki, is from Vienna to Bratislava covering 30 miles which take only a short 10 minutes.

Land travel by car usually takes an hour from the Austrian capital to Bratislava. A trip by train is even shorter.

A low-cost airline, FlyNiki claimed this particular flight was the world’s shortest. From central Bratislava, it takes 15 minutes to drive to the airport while in Vienna, the trip to the airport is approximately 20 minutes.

More about The Slovakian Capital – Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and the country’s largest city. It actually occupies part of the Danube River and is the nearest getaway from Vienna being only about 35 miles apart.

The Slovakian capital can also be reached by boat from Vienna. Since both cities are part of the Danube River, boats can ply the course along the river and the best time to experience a cruise is during summer.

Currently, the shortest flight is the one from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkey Islands of Scotland. Covering just one mile, the flight takes only 47 seconds depending on the wind direction. This flight is being operated by Loganair, a Scottish airline, which won the biding over the route in 2013.

On the second spot is the one from Taitung to Green Island in Taiwan. This is via Daily Air and takes about 15 minutes.


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