Vienna Anker Clock at Hoher Market

The Vienna Anker Clock or Ankeruhr was designed by the painter and scukptor Franz von Matsch in 1911 for the Anker Insurance Company. This magnificent clock connects two buildings of this corporation. It is around 10 meters wide and 7.5 meters high. The clock has a diameter of 4 meters and showcases 12 historical figures which were part of Vienna’s history. Each figure or couple represent an hour. There are Roman numbers on their heads to indicate the hour, while the minutes are shown by an arrow on the clock itself. As each figure passes, a matching tune is played. The main highlight or the “big show” often occurs at noon, during which crowds gather and cheer as they see the spectacle.

The Anker clock can be seen in Vienna’s oldest square the Hoher Markey. It is considered as such because it was a part of the Roman army camp Vindobona. It houses a small museum where you can see the remains of the two Roman houses which was discovered in 1945. Apart from the Anker clock, you can also see the Vermahlungsbrunnen or the Fountain of Newlyweds which is protected by a balachin made of bronze. This baroque fountain was built by Emperor Leopold in honor of his son Joseph I safe return from battle. After which, it symbolized the marriage of Empress Maria Theresia and Franz Stephan of Lorraine. The figures depicted though were not them. Instead it shows Mary and Joseph getting married before a High Priest even if there is no record of such.

Ankeruhr Figures

1-2 The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (He died near Vienna)

2-3 Karl der Große (Charlemagne)

3-4 Duke Leopold VI (The Glorious) and his wife Theodora

4-5 Walther von der Vogelweide, Medieveal minstrel singer

5-6 King Rudolf of Habsurg and his wife Anna von Hohenberg

6-7 Meister Hans Puchsbaum

7-8 Emperor Maximilian

8-9 Mayor Johann Andreas von Liebenberg

9-10 Count Rüdiger von Starhemberg

10-11 Prince Eugene of Savoy

11-12 Empress Maria Theresa and Franz Stephan of Lorraine

12-1 Joseph Haydn

Image from biener77

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