Vienna City Views at Kahlenberg

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In Vienna, there is one place where visitors can enjoy an amazing view of the entire city. 

Called Kahlenberg, the place is located in the Vienna Woods and a popular destination for locals and tourists wanting to be close to nature. 

Set at 484 meters high, Kahlenberg can be reached in two ways. One is to take a car or the bus for only 2 Euros or take a walk for an hour to reach the peak. A hike to Kahlenberg is highly recommended, though, because of the thrill it gives to visitors. Your effort then will be greatly rewarded as you reach the top and enjoy a fantastic view of the entire Austrian capital.  

Up there at Kahlenberg, a panorama terrace is in place with a cafe and restaurant. The dining place is helpful particularly if you don’t want to bring along food during your hike going up there. 

Also at the peak of the mountain is the Stefaniewarte, a 22 meter-tall viewing tower that was constructed in 1887. It was named after the Crown Princess Stefanie of Belgium. 

The Baroque church of St. Joseph can also be found below the summit. The black Madonna is a very popular feature of the church. 

When going up Kahlenberg, just be ready with your hat, sunglasses and scarf as it can be windy up there. You wouldn’t want to be get cold while there. 


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