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vienna coffee shop free wifi

We’ve introduced you to various coffeehouses before, from the most popular to the truly unique. Austria’s capital has over 2500 of them. Vienna Coffre Shop are an institution that is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage and it’s a delicious way to experience the city.

But nowadays, people are busy and want WiFi with their coffee and pastries, whether just to check the news or to get some serious work or study done on their laptop. Where does tradition meet modernity so you can get the best of both worlds? Read on to find out the best Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi.

best Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi
Courtesy: Anete Lūsiņa/Unsplash

Coffee Pirates

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This excellently named cafe has the best of everything: top-notch coffee, strong WiFi, and a range of seating options with power outlets.

It’s practically designed as a work/study space, since it’s located next door to Vienna University – expect students among the clientele! They have their own award-winning coffee blend, roasted on the premises, which you can enjoy with any number of truly delicious cakes. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, too.

The main reason people visit, however, is for the atmosphere. No smoking is allowed, so you can enjoy the communal tables, read a selection of books and magazines, and get on with your work among the background chatter and bright lighting.

Coffee Pirates vienna coffee shop
Courtesy: Christian Kadluba/Flickr

Burggasse 24 Vienna Coffee Shop

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Burgasse 24 is another cafe full of character, this one with more of a vintage feel created by second-hand furniture, large plants, and a random street lamp. It’s actually part of a clothes boutique, so the wooden flooring and gentle warmth of the fireplace are an ideal complement to the chic goods on offer.

The calm and quiet couldn’t make for a better place to study, and there are plenty of single tables available, with power outlets, so you can fully focus.

There’s no bad time to come in the Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi. Show up between 10 and 8, order some coffee and cake (both fantastic), and settle in – the staff won’t mind. Brunch at the weekends is also amazing.

Burggasse 24 Coffee Shop
Courtesy: Roger Hsu/Flickr

Marks Vienna Coffee Shop

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This next cafe is more of a social affair, so if that’s what gets your creativity going, Marks is perfect for you. There’s a wide variety of seating to suit everyone, and there’s usually a space free.

Many freelancers come here, drawn in by reliable WiFi and an abundance of power outlets – the delicious brunch (and everything else on the menu) probably helps, too.

As with our other favorites on this Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi list, the staff are amazingly friendly.

Marks Vienna Coffee Shop
Courtesy: Jens Ohlig/Flickr

Cafe Nest

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If you find yourself looking for somewhere to connect in the 4th district, or enjoy chilled music (think jazz and acoustic guitar tunes), find your inspiration at Cafe Nest. It’s also great for people-watching, and their thin-crust pizzas make for wonderful fuel for creative endeavours.

It’s pretty popular on Friday evenings, when you can swap your coffee for a glass of wine, if that’s what you fancy.

Cafe Nest vienna pastries
Courtesy: Andrew Nash/Flickr

Erna b

This Vienna Coffee Shop is definitely closed 🙁

Coffee and cocktails are the watchwords of Erna b, a small and often overlooked place which offers unique artwork and great snacks – all a tribute to the owner’s grandmother, and what a tribute it is!

The only drawback is that smoking is allowed here, which can get overwhelming in the close space, which would otherwise be rather airy.

The Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi is now permanently closed.

Cafe Phil
Courtesy: Kieran Lynam/Flickr

Cafe Phil : Hipster Vienna Coffee Shop

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The local hipsters’ favorite haunt, Cafe Phil has records on sale as well as the usual books, coffee and comfy seating. The music is as cool as the waitstaff, and will persuade you to stay into the evening, when they hold events and DJ nights.

Both WiFi and power outlets are of sufficient strength and number, and it’s a non-smoking cafe, too.

Cafe Jelinek coffee shop

Cafe Jelinek

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For a more traditional experience that still provides the WiFi you need, Cafe Jelinek is what you’re looking for. This does mean there are no power outlets, but you do get velvet couches, a selection of newspapers, and delightful coffee, away from the tourist crowds.

The homemade cakes are highly recommended, so sit by the fire and keep an eye out for the odd famous local while you work – many have crossed its threshold through the years.

This place is also listed in our top 10 best cafes in Vienna. Check the article.

Coffee and cake
Courtesy: Alisa Anton/Unsplash

Welt Café

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Welt Café is probably as modern as you can get: international coffee (from Mexican to Ethiopian), organic brunch (with a buffet on Sundays), and gluten-free options.

No wonder it’s frequented by students and older locals alike – who wouldn’t want tasty food in one of the most comfortable surroundings in Vienna?

And of course, there’s free WiFi and power outlets – but no smoking.

Conclusion on Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi

The coffee house may be an old tradition in Vienna, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find all the trappings of modernity – including WiFi – if you look in the right place.

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