Vienna Food Tour & Best Beginners Cooking Classes in Vienna Austria

Planning Vienna food tour

This Vienna food tour will let you experience the Austrian capital’s coffee house culture and its Heurige wine taverns. 

There are just plenty of ways to tour the beautiful city of Vienna. It all depends on the visitor’s preference. But for the foodies, taking the culinary tour or Vienna food tour is highly recommended.

Foodies from around the world visiting Vienna will surely not be disappointed. They have a wide range of choices when it comes to the food and drinks they can taste while in the city. 

This kind of tour is a great opportunity to experience:

  • the history
  • food
  • and culture of Vienna

And all of that at the same time.    

Vienna Food Tour You Won’t Forget

Vienna food tour tourists guide

Another option is the Peter’s Indulgence Walk that takes visitors through Vienna’s Naschmarkt for two hours. Participants are sure to learn about the city’s interesting facts and taste a wide variety of specialties. 

There’s also the Vienna Sensory Tour with Bianca Gusenbauer and Elisabeth Buchinger. This three-hour tour covers two routes through the Gratzel districts.

One starts at the Hannovermarkt in the 20th district. And the second covers the Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district. For this tour, visitors will stop by three stations where they can taste food and receive sensory training. 

The team of Ganseblumchen, on the other hand, takes visitors to selected areas. And there they can enjoy special food tastings in five or six locations. This tour takes three hours.  

More about Vienna Food Tour Experience with David Bergl

Vienna food tour in Austria

With this kind of tour, tourists will have a grand time tasting the Austrian capital’s popular:

  • delicacies
  • dishes
  • coffee flavors
  • and wines

From fine restaurants and coffee houses to the heurigen wine taverns, this is one pleasurable tour you wouldn’t want to miss.

Known as the Wien bewegt tour, David Bergl is one popular guide and organizer of these culinary tours. Participants can decide on where to go from the eateries to the heurige and coffee houses. This is one experience that lets Vienna visitors learn about the city’s culture, history, and culinary specialties.

A culinary tour involves head guide David Bergl sharing the history of Viennese food normally in between and during tasting sessions. In addition, he tells interesting stories about the places they visit and about the city in general.

Participants are taken to different places on a mini-bus. And they are given the opportunity to do some sightseeing as well while en route to their next destinations. Some 10 people can be accommodated for each tour and the fee already includes food and drink.

Why Planning Vienna food tour is important?

Various culinary tours are available in Vienna whether for groups or private individuals. For those who would like to experience the best places for food and drinks, it would be a good idea to do a little research first.

Plan your Vienna food tour. That way, you can make your own itinerary and savor the best Viennese culinary delights.  

Best Cooking Classes in Vienna

Beginners cooking classes in Vienna

Vienna boasts of its own flavourful regional cuisine. Known as Wiener Kuche, the local cuisine is influenced by Hungarian and Czech cuisine many of which date back to the time of the Habsburg Empire.

It features meat, vegetarian dishes, and desserts such as the popular Sachertorte chocolate cake. Also, there are Apfelstrudel, and Kaiserschmarrn shredded pancakes. 

The various dishes well known in Vienna can actually be learned easily courtesy of short cookery classes offered in the Austrian capital. 

Food lovers visiting the city can enrol in cooking classes in Vienna. This way, they can learn how to prepare original Viennese cuisine without having to spend much. 

Bianca Isst

This course is offered by Austrian chef and instructor Bianca Gusenbauer. But apart from teaching her students how to prepare local food, she also offers a tour of food markets around Vienna. The classes she offer are for private and groups. 

Cook Like a Pro

Best cooking classes in Vienna

This Cook Like a Pro course is exclusive for one person only. Offered at the Vestibul Restaurant in Burgtheater, the session lasts for an entire day in a professional kitchen. It teaches the participant how to prepare and serve lunch and dinner. 

Das Kochwerk

The cooking course offered at Das Kochwerk is for groups and the class is done in English. The advantage here is that students can choose the cuisine they want to create in a very modern and spacious kitchen situated in the third district. 


Kochsalon is the cooking school of Wrenkh Restaurant, famous for its vegetarian dishes. It offers courses that teach students how to cook fish and game plus delicacies.

Some of them are the Viennese apple strudel course and the Herb and Mushroom Excursion which lets students visit the Vienna Woods to pick mushrooms. Each course lasts from two to five hours. 

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