One of the most visited structures in any tourist destination is the church. Travelers to this Austrian city are in luck as they not only get to visit the churches because they can also have a close view of the intricate architectural designs of these sacred buildings.

St. Stephens Cathedral

Featuring a Romanesque and Gothic architecture with a 450-foot steeple, this church is one of Vienna’s famous religious structures and tourist spot. Situated at Vienna’s main square Stephansplatz, the presence of this building led to the city’s being declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The church was built in the mid 1100s but suffered several damages through the years. It is also the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna. 

A main attraction of the St. Stephens Cathedral is its altar where three figures, that of Mary, St. Catherine and St. Barbara, are situated. And just so you know, it is here in this church where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Paupers Funeral took place in 1791.

St. Peters Church

St Peter's Church in Vienna

This is the second oldest church in Vienna boasting of Baroque architecture. Built for six years from 1702 to 1708, the church’s façade features angled towers and attractive entrance portal. Inside this religious structure, visitors will surely marvel at the lovely watercolor paintings on the walls and ceilings, wood carvings and antique altar pieces. St. Peters Church is located in Peterskirche and has already undergone major renovation works. Much of its original colors have been restored to full grandeur.


Karlskirche in Vienna

This is Vienna’s most popular Baroque building featuring tall white stone columns on the outside with Oriental influence and beautifully engraved scenes. Constructed between 1715 and 1737, this was put up in honor of Karl Borromeo who was the patron saint that led the fight against the plague epidemic in 1713. At the top of the cupola or dome, you can view the frescos of Michael Rottmeyr.

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