Vienna Insider: Silia from The Viennese Girl

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Welcome to our new feature column, !  Each week we are excited to introduce you to an interesting person in Vienna.  This week we will be talking to Silia, the photographer behind The Viennese Girl Blog.  Although not a native Viennese, Silia has adopted Vienna as her home with passion and has an intriguing  perspective on the area and its features and attractions.  If you haven’t already checked out Silia’s blog, you’re in for a treat.  She has a great eye and her own unique take on what is going on in Vienna.  Please join me in welcoming Silia!

Please introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Silia and I come from Athens, Greece. Fours years ago I moved to Vienna and after two years of living in this beautiful city, I created a personal page on the internet called The

How did you end up in the business you’re in?

As long as I remember, I have always loved the Internet and I was a member of several different travel websites in the past. I’ve always loved traveling and when I visited a friend in Paris who had her own blog, I thought I could do something similar here in Vienna.  And so I did!  I never thought that it would evolve so much though.

What would surprise people about you?

I think the fact I never drink coffee and although I am Greek, I never eat onion and garlic.

What hopes/ goals do you have for the blog in the future?

Although it’s a blog that was born in Vienna, I wouldn’t like to limit The Viennese Girl blog. It’s my child. I want to see it growing and going international. I envision myself working as a photographer in many exciting photography projects, preferably with luxury brands.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

It wasn’t a job for the first two years. Now things start changing and what I like most is the fact that I’m getting  to know many interesting, like minded persons and get the chance to travel more.

What advice do you have for someone new Vienna?

Try to make good friends with people who you trust and can rely on in difficult situations. It always depends on the person and on the situation of that person. If you go abroad alone, usually it’s hard. But most people move to another country with a partner, and everything is much easier I guess. I moved abroad alone but, despite the difficulties, I was lucky to have good friends.

How would you spend a perfect weekend in your city?

It depends on the season. If it’s very cold, I’d rather spend it at home doing absolutely nothing : ) But if the weather is warm, I would like to go around with friends, discover new places and take many beautiful pictures.

I think that sounds like a perfect weekend too.  Who wouldn’t love to spend their free time in the most beautiful city in the world with friends exploring and taking pictures of the beauty that we are lucky to be surrounded by.  Thank you, Silia, for giving us a glimpse into The Viennese Girl and for sharing your views on what makes Vienna so special for you.  

Are you living an inspired life in Vienna?  Why not share your experience and insight with the rest of us?  Drop me a line if you or a friend would like to be featured in this column.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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