The Vienna Library

Many people know that a library is a place where they can find a wide selection of old and new books and where they can read them quietly at the same time. The Vienna City Library is a similar place but goes beyond its usual function because of an important mission.

The library, unknown to some people, is also involved in restitution cases. It is actively researching for the rightful owners or heirs of various types of objects. So far, it has returned 2,855 objects to the right people who own them.

For 14 years now, the Museum of the City of Vienna has been researching the acquisition of some 24,300 objects. Of this number, 3,025 have already been returned to their owners or heirs. The objects have been acquired between the period January 1933 and March 1938 and with the city’s involvement, countless restitution requests from different parts of the world have been granted. This year 2013, four objects are scheduled to be returned to the people who own them or those who have the right to inherit them.

Vienna is home to a number of public libraries, all of which aim to be a major source of information and education. In addition, they are considered vital places for cultural and leisure activities.

The city’s official library is situated at City Hall. Founded in 1856, the place boasts of preserving half a million books, thousands of magazines, newspapers, posters and autographs.

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