Nightlife in Vienna: Best Clubs, Party Places, Bars & Pubs

Vienna nightlife best places

Love the nightlife? You can experience a memorable experience if you go through this Vienna nightlife guide.

The nightlife in this Austrian capital offers variety unlike when you’re in other capitals of the world. There are many ways visitors can enjoy nightlife in Vienna.

Is Vienna a good party city?

Vienna party places scene is one of the most popular worldwide. Depending on what type of music or crowd you prefer, there’s sure to be a venue you can find around the Austrian capital.

Night entertainment here not only involves going to bars, sipping alcoholic drinks, dancing and listening to live music. Music in the city alone is already varied.

There’s chart music, jazz and electronic beats for those who love to dance all night long. These you can get to hear at the different Vienna nightlife clubs and bars around the city. Bars and clubs in Vienna are usually open until 2 a.m. on weekdays and as late as 4 a.m. on weekends.

Do you like more relaxing Vienna nightlife places?

Vienna nightlife Austria guide

If relaxing is your way of ending your day, then the coffeehouses spread around the city are perfect for you. You can still enjoy your hot coffee as well as good conversation with friends and loved ones.

After dark is the best time to experience the city’s peaceful environment and find out how the locals spend their social life after a long and tiring day.

Following your night coffee break and your stomach is still not satisfied, you can head off to a Viennese restaurant of your choice for some scrumptious Vienna food. Whether you want the local Viennese cuisine or an international dish, you have a wide range of choices.

For the art lovers, watching theatrical performances at the city’s famous Vienna opera houses is a worthwhile cultural experience. After all, Vienna boasts of having some of the world’s majestic opera houses that are always busy with classic and modern musical performances of international standard.

So there, just take your pick as to which way you think you can enjoy nightlife in Vienna. You can even experience all of them if you wish.

About Electronic Music Places & Vienna Nightlife Area

Electronic music Vienna nightlife

Vienna may be internationally known for its classical music but there’s also another music genre which it is known for today. It’s called the Viennese electronic sounds.

Vienna is the city where electronic dance music originated. Electronic music is so popular in Europe these days. Vienna is one city in Europe that boasts of a vibrant electronic music scene well known worldwide.

Electronic sound refers to music produced using electronic musical instruments and technology.

Devices normally used include:

  • the synthesizer
  • theremin and
  • a compute

Electronic music is digitally engineered and produces a different kind of upbeat sound ideal for disco Vienna dancing. It is mostly played in night clubs in Vienna. The DJ duo of Kruder and Dofrmeister is credited for introducing this so-called Viennese sound to the world back in the 1990s.

It is not surprising then why this international city boasts of many disco clubs where people love to party and dance the night away to the music mixes of professional DJs.

Vienna city Hall events

The City Hall in Vienna

If you happen to visit Vienna in autumn, you’re in for a great party time. Every autumn, the Vienna City Hall is transformed into a disco venue showcasing the local DJs and electronic music culture. And there’s not only one Vienna party place there, but two parties.

At the end of October each year, the Vienna City Hall becomes a giant dance temple for an entire weekend. Spearheading this event is Radio Station FM4 with 19 acts performing such as Soulglo, Waxolutionists, G. Rizo as well as the FM4 DJs.

On October, Paradise City host Europe’s biggest halloween party. On seven floors, every club music genre will be played from house and techno to drum and bass and disco. During this party, newcomers to the Austrian music scene will be introduced and among them are DJ Mastercash and Mosaken as well as TomSnow and Observer and Steve Hope and Emil Berliner.

Check all Vienna Music Events in Autumn here.

Vienna Nightlife Electronic sound – Techno clubs in Vienna

Vienna nightlife techno clubs

In the city’s club scene, electronic sounds are often combined with techno and disco beats that can be great to dance to. Best clubs in Vienna for students, according to masses.

The Flex is one club in Vienna which boasts of the best sound systems in the city. The entire stage inside is placed atop huge bass cabinets. A former subway shaft, the place is frequented by international guests and disc jockeys.

Electronic music is played regularly every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Guests can enjoy free sparkling water and earplugs if they want to avoid the loud bursts of the bass.

The Fluc Wanne and Fluc Cafe are alternative nightlife scenes as well. The Cafe on the ground level caters to indie and electronica while the Wanne on the lower street level plays techno music.

The Pratersauna is also strongly recommended for lovers of electronic music and perfect for Vienna student nightlife. Opened in 1965 in the Prater Park area, this old-school institution has been transformed into a techno and electro club in Vienna which has become a party hotspot for the young. The Rhiz, although a retro club, also accommodates the latest Viennese electro artists.

Unique Bars of Vienna nightlife Tips

Vienna Bars and pubs make the city’s nightlife so alive and entertaining. While some of them offer the traditional ambience, there are others that feature unique and stylish interior. Visitors eager to experience something out of the ordinary when out to enjoy the night should check out some of them.

Sky Bar – Famous cocktail bar Vienna

Sky bar Vienna

Not only that Sky bar offers some of the best spirits in the city but also the best view. Located at the top of the Steffl Department Store, Sky Bar boasts over 350 cocktails on its menu making it a great place to have drinks before or after dinner.

Red Room – Best Vienna nightlife interior

Situated on the Ringstrasse Boulevard, this place is well known for the exquisite drinks it offers to guests. Specifically located in the basement of Comida, the Red Room features a red and white interior theme. The seats are red, the tables are white and the wall coverings made use of textile. A DJ’s deck is in place where music is played from the 1960s to the present.

Lutz der club in Vienna

This is a nightspot that boasts of a stylish architecture and luxury design. Situated on the basement of the fin de siecle building, this 300-square-meter club has a dancefloor where people wanting to shake and dance their worries away can do so. There’s also a bar and cafe located above the Mariahilfer Strasse that serves breakfast early in the day.

Babenberger Passage

This is a special club located in a former pedestrian underpass that remained unused for many years. It boasts of a futuristic interior design and is a popular discotheque in the city with state of the art lighting systems. Being in this bar feels like being inside a spaceship owing to the unique light effects.

Bar Italia

This Italy-inspired place located iin the Mariahilferstrasse shopping area features two sections. The Upstairs is a small cafe while the Downstairs is a bar that becomes alive at night. Their interior design is courtesy of Viennese architect Arkan Zeytinoglu who used varied colors, materials and mirrors.

Edison Cocktail Bar

People who love fancy Vienna dancing and live music, this is the place to be. This vibrant bar also offers great tasting tropical cocktails. Its ladies night and whiskey night are sure crowd drawers every week. The bar has a club lounge as well where private parties can be accommodated.

Discover Clubs in Vienna – Clubbing in Vienna

Nightclubs and parties

There’s more to nightlife in Vienna than the balls, classical opera performances, Vienna bars and pubs. The Viennese people know how to party and if you’re looking for something that’s hip and energetic, the capital city of Austria has some of Europe’s most vibrant Vienna nightclubs.

Nighttime is perfect for exploring a city’s entertainment spots. By then, the temperature is cooler and just right for relaxing, enjoying some drinks and listening to great music with friends and loved ones.

After a busy day of touring popular attractions in Vienna, never forget to experience the vibrant Vienna nightlife clubs. Parties start after dark so be sure to check out the Vienna bars and clubs in Vienna spread out in the city center.

Here are some of the most popular party spots in Vienna.

Flex – Famous Vienna party place

No tourist guidebook is complete without a listing of this highly recommended nightclub in Donaukanal, right in the center of Vienna. Considered as one of Europe’s best clubs, DJs from around the country and elsewhere lead the party with a mix of house and techno music.

Flex is a place to see and be seen where Vienna’s hippest young people dance the night away. Situated near the Schonttenring U-Bahn station and just next to the Donau canal, this place is highly recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Passage – Underground Vienna nightclub

For a real feel of an underground party, head to one of Vienna’s most popular nightspots in Ringstrasse. Located in a rundown underpass that formerly connected the Imperial Palace and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Passage is now a trendy club in Vienna where DJs play a mix of house, funk, techno and hip hop music. People who love hip hop clubs in Vienna, funk, soul and techno music should definitely check this place.

Chelsea – Rock Vienna nightlife concerts

If your taste in music leans toward alternative rock then this is your spot. Chelsea in Stadtbahnbogen not only caters to those who want to dance the night away (it has three dance floors), it also offers live rock concerts. Or if it’s football season, you can enjoy your beer while watching the game on the club’s large projection screen.

Volksgarten – Dance club in Vienna Austria

Where else can you party and dance the night away amid a wonderful garden and with views of the Hofburg Palace, the Parliament building and the Burgtheater? Volksgarten has always been a top-drawer for its location where summer parties mean enjoying the nigh.

The place has a rich history and plays house, disco and party music while its interior boasts of 1950s furniture, palms and old chandeliers. Whether indoor or outdoor, this disco club provides guests with a lively party atmosphere.

Fledermaus – One of the best Vienna party places

Not the usual club in Vienna, this place holds regular events and uniquely themed night parties. The club’s name refers to bat in German. Its location is in one of the city’s ancient cellars where bats frequently visited during the olden times.

Gay clubs in Vienna Austria & Gay Vienna Parties

gay clubs vienna

Vienna welcomes visitors of all ages, nationality and gender. And people can enjoy gay nightlife Vienna Austria throughout the year.

For the gays and lesbians, visiting gay Vienna parties at Heaven Vienna is highly recommended. The club’s name was taken from a London super club but the parties here will surely be appreciated by the gays and lesbians of Europe.

How to plan Relaxing Dinner Night out in Vienna?

When visiting Vienna and talking about Vienna nightlife, travellers will want to include night life activities on their itinerary. After a long day exploring, you’re going to be hungry.

Wiener Riesenrad

Ferris Wheel in Vienna

For a particularly special meal, book a candlelit dinner for two on the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. The spectacular view complements any special occasion, and the candlelight lends itself well to romantic moments.


Luckily, there are plenty of great restaurants where you can enjoy the best Austrian cuisine. Schnitzel can be found across the city, and at any beisl, a sort of informal bistro, you can find many of the most typical Viennese dishes. Follow your schnitzel with another famous treat, strudel, at Schnitzelwirt, accompanied by local Wiener Gemischter Satz Vienna wine.

Austrian Dinner Show

Another great option for local dining is the “Austrian Dinner Show” – 3 courses of regional specialties interspersed with local music and dancing, in the atmospheric surroundings of the basement vaults under the town hall.

Dinning place Aux Gazelles

When spending an evening out in Vienna, there are many different restaurants from which to choose. If you’re looking for a unique Viennese dining experience then Aux Gazelles is an excellent choice.

Not only is it a restaurant but it also incorporates a beauty salon, caviar and oyster bar and a club. Visitors cannot only imbibe in drinks and dinner but expect to be rejuvenated here as well.

Other things to do in Vienna at Night

Best tips for night out

When you take a holiday in Vienna, these are just a few suggestions to have a pleasing night life experience. There’s just as much to see and do in the Austrian capital when the sun goes down as there is during the light of day.

Make the most of your time in the city and set your body clock to night time, because there’s all kinds of dining, entertainment, tours, drinking and partying to do!

If you’re not a dancing type and crazy about clubbing, don’t worry. There is plenty of things for you as well.

Opera & Art

If you like your entertainment separate to your dinner, there’s nothing more quintessentially Viennese than opera. The world-famous Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) features works from the pride of the city – Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert, who all lived or worked here – expertly performed by the Vienna Philharmonic. If opera is your passion (and even if it’s not), watching a performance in Vienna is not to be missed lightly.

More classical pieces can be enjoyed at a more wallet-friendly price, courtesy of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The talented students showcase their skills at various venues throughout the year, and some of the numerous events are free.

Best Jazz clubs in Vienna

Jazz enthusiasts are also well-catered for, with Jazzland and Porgy & Bess offering a great range of live music between them, from traditional to blues to bebop.

Jazzland is Vienna’s oldest jazz cellar, and has an intimate atmosphere; Porgy & Bess is arguably more popular, and is buzzing almost every night, year-round. The packed schedule also accommodates artists from other genres, a choice that fits its friendly vibe perfectly.

Vienna nightlife Tours worth of visiting

Many daytime tours can also be enjoyed in the evening, from tourist walks to see the landmark monuments in the historic centre, to rides in the fiaker, the traditional horse carriages.

The night can feel magical as you pass underneath the streetlights, but if you have strong nerves, you can test yourself on a special night-time walking tour. Along with local myths and legends, you’ll discover the spooky side to Vienna’s most popular sights.

If that sounds too fraught, consider a relaxing boat ride on the river, where you can watch the sun set over the city – there’s also the option of combining it with a pleasant dinner.

Best Casino in Vienna nightlife world

Casino places tips

Casino gambling is another activity that can be enjoyed at night in Vienna if you enjoy playing at an online casino such as The city has several casinos including the Casino Wien.

Right in the heart of downtown Vienna, this casino is found in the Palais Esterhazy which is one of the oldest buildings here. While the building itself is historical, the casino found within is quite modern. The casino has several floors.

The first floor has a vibe similar to a British gaming club with popular games such as roulette and blackjack. The upper floors have gambling in elegant salons with a range of table limits. Gaming machines are found in both the Ovale and Chinese Salons while gamblers can dine in the Red and Grey Salons.

A mobile disco in Vienna’s Tram 2013

Vienna nightlife tram party

In 2013 there was a party on the tram in Vienna’s Ringstrasse Boulevard. Not during daytime but at night of course. Why so, you may ask. This is because the tram has been transformed into a mobile disco which happens rarely.

And if you think that this tram was stationary, think again. It was all the way around the Austrian capital. Inside the tram were exclusive desks that served various drinks and there were glitter ball lights as well to create a disco atmosphere inside. And that’s not all because an MC was talking on the microphone instead of the conductor. How exciting is that!

Vienna’s trams were built in the 19th century originally using carriages pulled by horses. The steam trams followed after which they were replaced by the electric tram which operates until today. If you have luck, you might came across something like this as well.

Vienna Supper Club Winter Programme Series 2014

Dinner place

The winter season in Vienna is full of activities indoor and outdoor despite the cold weather. In fact, it brings out the creativity of some people leading them to organize worthwhile events in the city.

An example is the Winter Programme series being organized at the Supper Club of Vienna in 2014. The Club is situated at Augarten in Vienna’s 2nd district.

This event was something to look forward to as it combined food, dining, art, culture and music. A total of 12 events took place with artists, chefs and curators in attendance at the Die Au cafe and restaurant.

One event being lined up was the time-banking. This is an activity wherein people share their time and skills with each other. The time/food event is another similar event. The only difference is that people involved here will be exchanging half an hour of their time for a meal.

Artist Ragnar Kjartansson hosted the Icelandic Fish Soup activity which he described as an intense evening. The Supper Club organizers said their aims for the series of events is to encourage debate, exchange and performance. In addition, it addressed taste, social relations in dining, menus and demand for future revolutions in the kitchen.


In short, Vienna has all the nightlife you could need; you’ll never run out of things to do in the evening (or all night long!)

FAQs about Vienna Nightlife

Is Vienna a good party city?

If you’re eager to have fun and enjoy clubbing and going out in late hours, Vienna will make you happy without any doubt. There are numerous bars, nightclubs, all kinds of parties you can count on

People over 16 years old are allowed to drink in pubs, clubs, restaurants…

What are the best things to do at night in Vienna?

Depending on your mood and on what you want there are lots of places you can visit and enjoy night at Vienna. Visiting local bars, Vienna nightclubs and jazz clubs is something most people do.

Where to go out Vienna?

If you want to spend a peaceful night in Vienna, visit Opera House or Art museum. However, if you’re a party lover, there are lots of bars and clubs like Sky an Flex that will make you happy.

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