Vienna to Open New Cruise Terminal

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One of the best ways to explore Vienna is through a cruise along the river. This experience is a truly memorable one for many travelers especially the romantic people. The good news is that it will become more exciting once the city’s new river cruise terminal is finally opened to the public.

Situated in the heart of the Austrian capital connecting to the Danube River, the boat terminal will have three levels. Specifically, it lies in between the Schwedenbrücke and Marienbrücke on the Danube River bank. It will be able to accommodate some 200,000 passengers including those with physical disabilities who are using wheelchairs. 

To provide the necessary information to visitors, there will also be a desk manned by tourism representatives coming from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia which is a neighbor of Austria. This will make it easier for people wanting to travel to Bratislava from Vienna. The trip usually takes more than an hour and is handled by Twin City Liner, a fast catamaran service that can accommodate some 102 passengers for every trip.

There’s much more to this new cruise terminal than just being a jump off point for travel. The three-storey building will feature various shops as well as areas where events and exhibitions can be conducted.

The banks of Danube Canal provide a wide range of entertaining activities to Vienna visitors. There’s a cycle path that links to the green spaces in the northern part of the city as well as to the city center. Other than cycling, strolling is also a great past time people can engage in while in the area. After this, visitors can enjoy a sumptuous cuisine at the bars and dining places within the vicinity that offers fantastic views of the Danube River. Before capping the day, nightly entertainment through live music and dancing can be had at the popular FLEX club just downstream.

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